Custom Scrabble Photography – CONTEST INCLUDED!


Custom Scrabble Photography – CONTEST INCLUDED!


I have an Etsy addiction, as referenced in my earlier posts about the super cool SEC & ACC college stuff and the beautiful nursing necklaces, oh and with the ingenious invention: TOY/SIPPY CUP LEASHES! Although, it could be considered an online shopping addiction, as I’ve also been known to frequent Bootlegger, Gap and Ricki’s online too!

BUT one of my FAVORITE things to shop for is personalized stuff. Really. Anything personalized will do. I like necklaces, pictures, monogrammed towels, bracelets, blankets…if it’s got a name on it, you name it (ha ha, pun intended!) — I like it! So when I was contacted a couple of weeks ago about doing a review on a personalized Scrabble photo I was instantly intrigued.

Jamie Irving started doing photography as a hobby when she was a teen. Gradually with the encouragement positive feedback from others, Jamie was convinced to start a photography business. In January 2008, Kandid Photography was born. Since then Jamie has amassed a beautiful portfolio of engagement, wedding, baby and family photos. (Check out her website here.)

In November 2009 Jamie was looking to doing some alphabet photography, which is very popular and creative. (These are things found in nature that resemble letters, pieced together to form a word.) She felt, however, that that style of photography could be somewhat limiting depending on the length of the word you wished to spell. (The size of the frame could get particularly large or hard to find!) Jamie immediately went to the game Scrabble as the letters are small and can be photographed wonderfully on the game board or a multitude of other backgrounds.

After talking back and forth a little bit, Jamie sent me a wonderful black and white photo of the names of myself, my husband, and my two children worked into a Scrabble board! It is the neatest thing. You can see it at

Now how cool is that, right?! (Cool enough that I no longer am blogging somewhat-anonymously, apparently!) AMAZING!

My jaw literally dropped when I opened my email. I was surprised at how…beautiful the picture was. Isn’t that odd? I think that the Scrabble board, in this case, looks really lovely. Perhaps it’s staring at the names of the ones I love…or it’s just darned cool photography. Either way, I LOVE IT.

This concept is awesome and the pictures look amazing every single time! They’d make an incredibly unique gift for someone that has everything, don’t you think? This is why I love shopping handmade — no one will have this displayed on their wall. It is a one of a kind piece of art, tailored for you!

Since launching in November 2009 Jamie has seen great success with her Scrabble photography. She offers the prints in color, black and white or sepia tone.

Want your own? Jamie’s Scrabble photography is available at her Etsy shop ( and one of the BEST parts about it is that your photo will be emailed directly to you to print (as many times as you like, you’ll own the digital negative) and frame as you see fit! (You save on shipping and packaging this way, too.) Or if you’re purchasing it as a gift for someone far from you, she can print and frame and ship it straight to them for you as well!

Jamie’s photography is also available as part of Made By Mom’s Baby Baskets and Diaper Cakes, both of which make beautiful and original shower/new baby gifts.

WANT TO WIN ONE? That’s right, Jamie is generously GIVING AWAY one of her personalized Scrabble photos to be emailed to a lucky winner on my blog! You can enter at – just click on “Current Giveaways” at the top of the page. 🙂 Good luck!

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