I Support Handmade – Because I’m Kind of a Snob.


I Support Handmade – Because I’m Kind of a Snob.


Where should I begin.

Well, I like to shop. If you’ve read any of my other posts, or if you just click on the label “shopping” on the bottom of the left hand column, you’ll agree to that. You might even say, “Lindsay, you LOOOOOVE to shop.” And I wouldn’t disagree.

But would you call me a snob?

Okay, let me be clear. I’m not a snob-snob. Or the Webster’s definition of snob:

  1. one who tends to rebuff, avoid, or ignore those regarded as inferior
  2. one who has an offensive air of superiority in matters of knowledge or taste

I’m not one of those. I’m kind of a…behind-the-scenes snob. A sort of part-time snob. I like to have stuff that other people like. I enjoy seeing other people admire something my kids are wearing or something I’m using…the difference between a snob and me?

I want the other people to have it too! Does that make sense?

Maybe not but it’s true.

WAIT! LIGHTBULB MOMENT! A trendsetter! Yeah!! That’s what I aspire to be! Not a snob but a trendsetter. Sorry for shouting, I got excited. Whew.

Now that we’ve got that taken care of…

I’m actually writing this post to discuss the reasons that I support buying handmade.

1) I totally believe in moms supporting moms. Or even parents supporting parents. Being a parent is THE. HARDEST. JOB. IN. THE. WORLD. So even the tiniest little bit of support that I can offer (getting my daughter’s hairbow from Betty Bow-maker down the street vs. spending my $ at WalMart, for example) might make their job just a little easier.

2) I totally believe in supporting the little guy. You know, young 20-30-something entrepeneurs who are just trying to make a name for themselves in this world!! Okay that does sound a bit overly dramatic, but honestly, most small business owners are producing what they’re producing or providing the service they provide because they LOVE what they do. Why wouldn’t I want to support that? [Segue…]

3) I totally love “knowing” the face behind the product. The story behind it, even. I love being able to realize that someone knew that I was looking for something and made it just for me. Or that they made it and then dealt with me, directly, and know that their hard work is bringing me enjoyment.

4) I totally think that things made with love are made to last. You get what you pay for, isn’t that right? In almost all cases I have found that to be true. So if you are paying a buck or two more to have Susie Soap-maker across town make your vegan, bubbly, deliciously scented shea butter soap…isn’t your silky smooth skin going to be worth it? And in the long run, isn’t your healthier skin going to thank you? It will look younger and smoother and feel better longer than if you’d hit it with some Irish Spring, doncha think? I do! What if you bought a Cabbage Patch doll for your daughter and the leg ripped off? Would you go through all the trouble of attempting to contact their head office to get a replacement or repair? I know I wouldn’t. But if the leg ripped off the doll that Lauren made for my daughter, I would have no issues calling Lauren up and asking if she would fix it for us! And Lauren, I’m certain, would have absolutely no problem with repairing it because she made it with love in the first place and she would also know and care about how much my daughter loves the doll!

5) I totally love being unique. And I don’t mean the kind of “wacky, out-there” unique that finds some people wearing dresses made of meat…

…letting that sink in…

…okay. I mean the kind of unique that has me wearing a cool bracelet that people comment on. Instead of the 100s of people I see running around with thin, metal bangles…I’d be wearing that bracelet. As a statement. And people will comment and I will tell them where I got it so THEY TOO can enjoy one! But it won’t be identical. No. Because it’s handmade, it will always be “one off” or one-of-a-kind. Bonus!

6) Last but not least, I totally believe in the supporting local economy stuff. I have a weird feeling when I stop to think about where my stuff is coming from…not that I have a huge issue with supporting third world countries or whatever, but shouldn’t we focus on here first? The better the economy here, the better our resources for helping them over there.

Soooo, yes. Support Handmade. I do. So much so that I’ve begun a business — a new concept in virtual trade shows. TheHandmadeExpo.com hosts invitation-only online shopping events featuring handmade products. There is an event, “Handmade for the Holidays” on November 12-13, 2010 and there are some amazing pieces set to be featured. We’ll have everything from handmade baby clothes & accessories to home decor, fine art, beauty & bath products & photography! Check out the website for more details on this venture which is sure to see a lot of MAMAs supporting MAMAs…and supporting handmade. 🙂

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