Happy Mother’s Day to the best moms I know!


Happy Mother’s Day to the best moms I know!


If any of you follow me on twitter (@mommyconnection) you know that I often refer fondly to my Director’s as the #dreamteam.  After an amazing trip to Toronto last weekend to meet some of our newest rockstars, it got me thinking about Mother’s Day and the team that we have created over the past few years.  I am so impressed by all of our 21 ladies – they are all Mothers and all have their reasons for wanting to join our team.  After meeting all of them, it is clear that their commitment to our company is a direct result of their commitment to their families.  Many of them had high powered (and high paying!) executive careers before joining Mommy Connections.  All of them have the common priority of being there for their children in the important early years.  All of us strongly value life balance and it is simply fantastic watching them all create unique and innovative programs and use a vast array of skill sets.  I have worked on many teams in my past life in the corporate world, and I can now say, without a doubt, that these women are the best team anyone could ever ask for.    With each new addition, our team is stronger and I am so thankful to have them working with me to build an amazing North American brand!

I hope they will take this weekend to reflect on why they joined Mommy Connections – on this Mother’s Day, they all deserve to put their feet up and relax as I know how hard they have all been working.

Forever grateful to my past, current and future dream team.  Happy Mother’s Day – you are simply FABULOUS!


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  1. Cheers to you this Mother’s Day, Carol! The community built by Mommy Connections is most precious, and helps make us all better mothers along the way. <3

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