Toddler Compliance Made Easier!


Toddler Compliance Made Easier!


Resisting their car seat, running away from diaper changes, refusing tasks like brushing teeth…..sound familiar?  Is this just the everyday reality of raising a toddler or could things be easier for us moms?  Well, here’s something you’ll want to try!  

It’s called a “compliance set” (from Talking To Toddlers, by Chris Thompson) and every mom needs to know about this powerful communication tool. You will likely be amused, surprised, and even shocked at the power it can have on getting your toddler to happily follow your simple requests.

Here’s how it works:  it is based on the principle that small commitments lead to large commitments.  In other words, getting your toddler in a ‘yes’ state of mind before making requests helps them feel connected to you and can make them much more agreeable.  Compliance sets are often used on us by sales people and we don’t even realize it!

Once your toddler can follow simple one step directions, you can use this tool – here’s how:

  • Give your toddler 3 simple and easy one-step directions to follow in a row

                     (ie. Can you touch your nose? Tell me what this is called?  Say ‘boo!’)

  • Then, give the direction that they often resist

                     (ie. Now, lie down for your diaper change!)

Give it a try – you should definitely see an increase in your toddler’s willingness to comply!  Do keep in mind though; this tool will remain most effective if not overused. 

 About the Authors: Nicole Diduck, MSLP & Megan Stock, MSLP are communication experts, mothers of young children, & co-founders of Naturally Baby; a company committed to increasing awareness & understanding of the 3 factors that are essential in communicating with toddlers so that moms can have less stress & more fun while raising a confident & emotionally healthy child. For information on their products, books, & workshops please visit

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