Part I of Our Sleep Series-Surviving the First Three Months


Part I of Our Sleep Series-Surviving the First Three Months


Bringing home a new baby is one of my most favourite moments. Getting out of the hospital and into your own house with baby makes it feel real. But trying to get into a routine can be a challenge.

Newborns require all of your attention all of the time and can be quite unpredictable. It seems that they will only sleep in your arms or in the swing. So what’s a mom to do?

The fact is that newborns do not have the ability to self-soothe. In order to settle, they require our constant soothing by rocking, bouncing, carrying in a sling, going for car rides, etc. We cannot expect our newborn to be able to fall asleep independently and should not worry that we are creating bad habits at this age. However, to make it easier on ourselves, there are a few things we can do.

Children fall asleep much easier when they are drowsy and not overtired. So after an hour or so of being awake try soothing your baby to sleep. If they become overtired you will be bouncing up and down on that exercise ball so much that you will never want to take another Pilates class again! And remember this only lasts for about the first 3 months when your baby will start to develop her own soothing techniques.

From the Sleep Consultants, Allison Naidu and Adrienne MacQueen with Sleep Matters

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