New Mom BFF’s – Really?


New Mom BFF’s – Really?


I started Mommy Connections because I felt like there was a serious lack of properly organized moms groups that also had an educational component.  For a lot of moms, it is more tricky than you think to jump into a conversation at their local park or coffee shop and suddenly meeting their new mom BFF!  Mommy Connections gives the moms a program feel (like a baby signs, mom & baby dance, swimming lessons etc) with a HUGE concentration on the social aspect.  If you aren’t the type of mom that meets other moms easily, our programs really help out with this.  You register for our 8 week programs (6 for pre-natal) and are committed to attending our 90 minute sessions each week, just like you would any other mom & baby program.  You aren’t expected to simply show up and start mingling (unless you want to!)  You are “technically” there to be connected with products, services and classes in your area.  Each week we bring a variety of educational and interactive speakers allowing you to learn all about your community and becoming a mom for the first or fifth time!  In some programs you might learn how to wear your baby while you participate in a fitness demo.  This leads to giggling (not jiggling…. although that might happen too…. plus a bit more giggling because of the jiggling!) and some out of breath-ness, due to just birthing a human and being out of shape!  This, my friends, is when the real Mommy Connections magic occurs….. you suddenly have TONS in common with the other moms and the bonds are created!  No pressure….. just going through the trials and tribulations of figuring out this new mom thing for the first time or again.  As the founder of this company, it is my secret goal to simply connect you with other new moms.  I hear all the time that moms could care less who our presenters are (okay, not exactly true!) and that they are really there for the amazing support they feel from a room full of new moms.  As I always tell my Directors – it is our jobs to ensure that all the moms in the programs feel connected and supported.  It is what happens after our program ends that is really important!  Becoming real friends from week 9 and on and staying CONNECTED!


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