Breastfeeding in Combat Boots


Breastfeeding in Combat Boots


As a Canadian Mom, I think I often take for granted how “easy” it is to breastfeed as far as accessibility goes.  Many places are breastfeeding friendly, the country is overall a supporter and promoter of breastfeeding and the one year maternity leave really helps mom stay committed to nursing if she chooses.

When I think about challenges in other countries, generally the first thing that comes to mind is how hard it would be for moms to return to work after only a few months.  They have to be REALLY committed to breastfeeding to continue on and must have a really supportive work environment.  I have heard stories of women running home (or to daycare/day home etc) a few times a day to nurse, others hiding out in a bathroom stall or their car to pump or trying to discreetly pump at their desk.  So many challenges, yet many women make breastfeeding their priority, regardless of the obstacles.

What I didn’t ever consider is how moms in the military would handle breastfeeding?  I came across this fabulous article from  It is really eye opening as to how resilient and resourceful moms truly are.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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