The Preschool Search


The Preschool Search


Like so many moms these days, I am always thinking about classes, programs, products, foods and more that will ensure that my daughter is developing and growing like she should and beyond.  I don’t want anything to be a struggle for her and feel that the proper programming and education will really help her succeed in the future.  So, at 24 months, albeit younger than when some parents even consider formal education, the preschool search began.  Anyone who knows me knows that I thrive off of a good spreadsheet.  I researched all of the preschools in my community, listed their locations, websites, costs, parent volunteer responsibilities and more.

Most of them would not admit a child under the age of 3.  My daughter was born on November 21, so she won’t be 3 until most of the way through the first semester of preschool. I came upon the One World Montessori program in a write up in my community newspaper and immediately liked what I saw.  I took a chance and called the Director to find out if they would admit my under 3 daughter.  She said they only had a few afternoon spots available and that we would need to come in for an interview to see if Madelyn was ready for preschool.  Daddy, Madelyn and I got all dressed up and headed to our interview the following week.

Madelyn must have felt my nervousness as she was seriously on her A-Game that afternoon!  She politely removed her boots and coat (and even hung it on one of the hooks!) introduced herself (bonus points for clear talking!) and sat down for some circle time with the other children.  Midway through our discussions with the Director, she said she had to go potty and headed off with my husband (more points for being fully trained!)

I loved the fact there are 3 teachers in the program (all with their degrees) and that the class sizes are small.  The kids do yoga, learn geography, learn other languages, focus on life skills, (like folding & polishing!) have one on one time and last but not least, sing O Canada every day.  I love the patriotism that seems to becoming lost in Canada.

The most important things for me when choosing this preschool was the proximity to the house (because they only go for 2 hours, 40 minutes!) the cirriculum/values associated with Montessori, Madelyn’s comfort level during the interview and the feeling I had when I entered the classroom.

I am overjoyed with our decision and eagerly anticipating next week for her first 2 days of school.  They have staggered starts, so she will only be there for an hour and 10 minutes each day.  We have her back pack, snack bag and water bottle ready and Mabel’s Labels on everything!  As the mom of an only child, I am really excited to see how she develops socially and feel it is really important to her future success as a well rounded little person.  The parent volunteer form has been filled out, we have started the recycled goods collection for classroom crafts & projects and the Christmas concert date is in the calendar!

Written by: Carol McBee – President & Founder of Mommy Connections

The child has a mind able to absorb knowledge. He has the power to teach himself” Maria Montessori

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