Games with the kids, party games with adults


Games with the kids, party games with adults


Games are always a favourite pastime in my family.  We grew up playing cards, board games and group games such as Pictionary, Cranium, Charades and more!  We weren’t big TV watchers and even as an adult I still can’t sit still watching TV for too long.  I love that games get the family off the couch and interacting together.  Games are also an amazing way to keep minds active of elderly parents or grandparents.  These days “games” are too often thought of a single player video games without any movement of the player – just zombie like starting and the moving of thumbs.  Think about researching some fun family games that your family could try out over the holidays!


I have recently been introduced to – an amazing website that offers free shipping in Canada (which seems to be so rare here!) I was surprised to find out that they offer your usual pharmacy/cosmetic items as well as tons more including toys and games!

I found a few great new games that I hadn’t heard of before, and as a game lover, I wanted to check them out further.  Catch the Match is a game for older children that are beginning to grasp color recognition, patterns and visual perception.  There are 15 cards that each have the same  15 objects.  Each object is different and is in different colours and various locations on the cards.  Any two cards always have the one (and only one) object that is exactly identical in colour.  All players play at the same time, trying to be the first to find the pair.  The correct players takes one of the cards as a reward and the other player with the most cards wins!

My favourite game that can be purchased on ($42.99) is a great holiday game if you have mixed adult company and it can be played with 4-15 people so everyone can be included.  The Game of Things is a party game where everyone writes a response to a particular prompt, such as “Thing you shouldn’t put in your mouth” (you can imagine the variety of hysterical answers!) and then the players then try to guess which player wrote the response.  1 point is awarded for each correct guess and 6 points are awarded to the person who successfully avoided detection.  The job of the reader passes to the left and when everyone has been the question reader once, the game ends and the high score wins.  This game is sure to have your company laughing out loud! has brought free sample month back for October
This time they are doing a tiered promotion that allows you to receive up to 5 free samples.  The samples include: john freida hairspray, method laundry detergent, pantene shampoo and conditioner, weleda body wash, hand sanitizer and some many more.  Again the samples change throughout the month and some of the hot ones run out quickly. offers tens of thousands of products and offers free shipping.  Check out the baby and kids section.


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