Staying Active During the Winter


Staying Active During the Winter


Out goes the sunshine and active, fun filled days at the park and in comes the snow! How does a person stay motivated and active when that cold cloud is creeping in?  Lloydminster, Alberta (like many other cities across North America!) offers a lot of great indoor opportunities to keep your body moving. The Multiplex is great for running or walking enthusiasts on the indoor track and it also has a great gym for those that want to pound on some weights and release that restless winter energy. They also offer amazing classes like Yoga and Zumba for those that like a directed setting. Another great activity that is fun for the whole family is ice skating!  Lace up a pair of skates with the kids and grab a hot chocolate.

Also, check out your local Leisure Center for swim times. There is nothing better to relieve stress and prevent injury than jumping in a pool.  Pools are wonderful ways to keep the kids active as well. So pack them in the truck once a week and spend a fun filled day getting some good exercise in the wave pool.  Be a kid with your kids and take advantage of the slide.  A few times up those stairs and you have got your exercise for the day!  Sometimes you have to look beyond the obvious and search out activities. A great way to encourage your kids to stay active is by using an indoor play-ground, which are definitely gaining popularity across North America and it’s an awesome way to help the kids burn off energy even on cooler days.   A creative way to use any kid friendly zone like this is to bring along some resistance bands. Look at all your surroundings for a chance to be active.  I like to use my bands at the playground to get a little workout while the kids play.  Use the equipment as well!  Monkey bars? Chin ups! An open mat? Push ups!  The adults might look at you crazy, but the kids will think you’re awesome!

Go bowling!!!!  Not only are you going to unknow-ingly stay fit and feeling great, but you will get that uninterrupted play time with your kids that so many of us busy parents forget to take.  And I get it, life is busy!  Work, errands, kids, running kids to classes, cooking…the list goes on. Yes, even you can find ways to stay moving.  Just a few ideas to get your mind thinking creative:  Happen to be at the library? Why not do stairs for 5 minutes! If you are out doing your shopping for the week, take 20 minutes, strap on your iPod and walk the mall.  Got a gaming system?  Buy some active video games and have a game night with the kids. DVD player? Pop in a workout DVD. You have to clean the house anyways, so crank some tunes and get busy washing floors and running up and down the stairs with the laundry.

Don’t forget that cold does not mean that you have to lock yourself indoors.  Build a snowman with your family!  Go snowboarding, cross country skiing or take a walk around a beautiful snowy park.  And, last but not least, get down to basics. Lay on the floor and wrestle the kids, dance in the kitchen, or one of my personal favorites, have a pillow fight!


Guest blog post by Jenna Noble from Lloydminster Doulas – like them on facebook!

One response to “Staying Active During the Winter”

  1. Drake says:

    Hi Jenna,

    You’ve made some really good winter activity suggestions. Physical activities for the family is very important and should be encouraged; it could be as simple as going for a walk. I would also recommend going to Indoor Sports Domes. They provide the younger ones with an opportunity to meet other children and for parents to have the whole family in one venue. The family can play all their favourite summer sports without worrying about the temperature.

    You’ve offered some great ideas and I’m sure we will be trying them this winter.


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