Travelling Tips with your Kiddos in Tow!


Travelling Tips with your Kiddos in Tow!


Let’s face it, flying can be a hassle sometimes — especially if you aren’t prepared for the trip! How many times have you

seen people running through the airport lugging behind all sorts of baggage trying to make their flight? The number one thing to remember is to be prepared and give yourself plenty of time! This is especially true when you are flying with an infant or toddler. Following are some tips that might be useful in making your flight a pleasant one!

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Arrive early!
Give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport, park, check baggage, go through security, and get to your gate! This is
no easy feat when you have a 2-year-old that needs his/her toys, a car seat, 3 suitcases, and whatever else…..

Car seats
The FAA strongly recommends that your child in restrained in an appropriate restraint based on weight and size. When you are traveling by airplane, an approved child restraint system is the only way to make sure your little one will be

safe in the event of turbulence or an emergency…..


Bring snacks for your little one for on the airplane. Airline snacks aren’t always toddler or baby friendly, so be sure to pack something that you know your child can eat and likes…..

Don’t forget to bring something for your child to do while on the airplane…..

An airplane’s descent often will cause one’s ears to “pop,” and it can be quite painful if your ears need to “pop” and they don’t…..

Guest Blogger Melanie Essman is the owner of Family Funcations ( and a native of Houston, Texas. She is the mother of Cale and Brant. She has cruised often with her sons since Cale was 1. If you think that cruising with little ones isn’t much of a vacation, she can certainly relieve your fears about cruising with toddlers. It can be a delightful and very fun adventure.Flying can be fun! Be prepared, arrive early, don’t forget to eat, and bring something to occupy the time!

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