Big Hair, Big Glasses, Big Nerves


Big Hair, Big Glasses, Big Nerves


Does your baby book include the classic 70’s-80’s grainy photo of a row of babies all slouching and leaning on each other?  This was probably a photo that resulted from a Pre Natal class; Lamaze, perhaps.  These weekly evening classes were the norm for expectant parents 20–40 years ago.  They were social, educational and really prepared expectant families for a natural labour.  As someone who is passionate about connecting women, I really loved the support that these women found through the program.  Not only were they preparing and spending a few hours per week really focusing on their body and their baby, they were also creating friendships with women who were just as nervous as they were to have their babies.  Once the babies arrived, these women continued to create amazing friendships and bonds.


These days, it is less common for families to do any sort of Pre Natal education.  With so much information out there, it is easier to read online or download ebooks to get all of the labour and delivery information you require.  Of course, there are still Pre Natal options out there.  Most hospitals offer a weekend crash course or an evening class in a stuffy room jam packed with lots of other parents (in one local Edmonton hospital, their classes generally have upwards of 50 people in the classes at one time!)  There are many excellent and highly recommended labour coaches and Doula’s as well, which more families are turning to for an amazing support system as well as private Pre Natal education.  For the people that attend the hospital classes; there are generally video’s (circa 1984!) that are involved.  If you want to really freak your husband/partner out, show them one of those out dated videos.  No, women are not generally that hairy, nor do they have large plastic glasses and teased bangs!  Talk about a great way to really increase your pregnancy nerves!


Mommy Connections is proud to add Pre Natal classes to our program line up, which currently includes Post Natal Classes for mom & baby up to 12 months old and Toddler Connections for mom & toddler 1-3 years old.  Our Pre Natal classes are based on the Post Natal model.  We bring in a variety of expert presenters on a wide range of Pre Natal topics and have the ultimate goal of connecting the moms in the program.  We suggest these classes be used in conjunction with a more intensive labour and delivery program.  Programs are currently running in Toronto, Lloydminster, Edmonton and Red Deer with more classed being added across North America in 2012.


It is important to remember that the more information you have before the baby arrives, the more prepared and calm you will be!


Pre Natal Education through Alberta Health Services

Pre Natal Education through Mommy Connections


One response to “Big Hair, Big Glasses, Big Nerves”

  1. I love the idea you are working to get women together to network and bond so they can support eachother through their pregnancy and postpartum years!

    I also think it is important that you educate them in a way they can make informed decisions about their prenatal education and the option available! As a Registered Nurse and Lactation Consultant, who works in the area of labour and delivery, I understand the importance of women feeling supported, but I also know the importance of them understanding what their body is required to do and how they can work to prepare themselves mentally and physically for their birth!

    You mention the negative aspects of hospital lead prenatal, which I totally agree with, but then you add then at the end of your article as a resouce!?! What about independent educators like myself who have the education and a true passion for supporting expectant parents! I offer well rounded prenatal class in a small group (max 6 couples) over a 6 week period or a Fri, Sat or Sun.

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