Who is “Puddle Organics?”


Who is “Puddle Organics?”


Our goal at Puddle Organics is to provide organic wear for a reasonable price.  Our products are organic, containing fun designs for babies and kids starting at just $16 each. We have a selection of bodysuits and yoga pants for babies, as well as T-shirts for ages 2-8 years, in various designs and colors. When searching for organic clothing for our child, we found that many clothing articles were simply plain white. To tackle this, Puddle Organics came up with some beautiful non chemical dye colors for your organic selection. You might ask “Why would I want to buy organic clothing when I can buy a conventionally–grown cotton T-shirt for only $5 at a typical large retailer?” The organic and sustainable clothing industry is about more than the low price companies can offer. It’s about ethics and sustainability and doing what is right for workers, consumers and our planet.

Besides doing good for the environment, let’s talk about what the differences are between an organic cotton T-Shirt, and a typical large retailer’s conventionally-grown T-shirt:

  1. You might think that organic clothing should be less expensive to grow because organic doesn’t use expensive pesticides and fertilizers like conventionally grown crops and cottons require. However, organically grown crops still must deal with weeds and fight insects. This all costs money …in fact, more money than conventional chemical methods.
  2. Each year, millions of humans are exposed to harmful chemicals just by working around or living near the cotton farms.
  3. Most conventional clothing manufacturers use cheap labor, which allows clothing to be sold at such a low price. Many places use sweatshops employing underage children, and pay them wages that don’t amount to more than a few pennies a day. In fact, you may be wondering how much of the $5 is going to the garment workers who did the sewing.
  4. Fair trade and fair pay for workers are one of the most important features of the organic clothing industry. This significantly adds to the cost of organic and fairtrade apparel.

In the long run, we believe that the price gap between conventional cotton and organic cotton will continue to shrink as the demand for organic cotton clothing rise. We can help our environment and economy by considering organic cotton clothing for our apparel.

Be sure to check us out at www.puddleorganics.com and

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