March Contest Details –


March Contest Details –


How did you share “the news?”

Most people have a great story on how they shared the exciting news that they were pregnant.  Check out some of these great stories from our very own Mommy Connections Directors below.  Add in the blog comments below a short story of your own to enter to win!  Winner will receive an amazing nursing wear prize package from CoverBoo Couture

Mommy Connections Directors Stories!

  1. I was on a holiday to South Carolina and I felt terrible nearly the entire time.  I was sick constantly and when our good friends had a baby in Tennessee, we made the 9 hour trek to meet their new baby during our holiday and I got to visit nearly every other ditch and rest stop along the way!  I vividly remember grumpily telling the baggage counter person at the airport during our departure that I had the flu and had a terrible holiday!  When we got home, it suddenly occurred to me that I should take a pregnancy test.  I nearly fell over when I found out!  That night, we went to my mom’s house for dinner.  I brought my laptop to show them a slideshow of photos from our trip.  The last picture was the pregnancy test!  It was a great way to share the news. ~Carol – Mommy Connections President
  2. We had a big BBQ with both our families and after everyone was finished eating we gave both of the grandmothers a custom onsie that said “I Love Grandma Jean” and I Love Grandma Deb”. We video taped them reading the onsies and freaking out when they found out they were going to be grandparents! – Jennifer Neilson – St. Albert;s Mommy Connections Director

To ENTER simply leave your own brief story below! Please leave your first name, email address and the City & Country you are from.

One prize will be given away to a Canadian resident and the other to an American resident and the winner will be chosen at random and posted and contacted on MARCH 30, 2012

Good luck!

30 Responses to “March Contest Details –”

  1. Holly Schwieger says:

    I have four children..I was told I could never have any kids…So…when I got pregnant with my first son who is now 15 !! My husband and I had just bought a new fridge for our kitchen. I had found out that night that I was pregnant….My mom called and asked how the new fridge was and if it fit….she said “how is the new fridge”..and I screamed…”it’s blue it’s blue”…she paused and said…”the fridge is blue?…why would you buy a blue fridge?”…I said still screaming…I took a pregnancy test and it is blue !!!! The next day my husband and I went to the doctor to get a confirmation….when I came out of the waiting room it was full of all my friends and family…my mom was on the phone that morning calling everyone !!! What a wonderful day !!!!!

  2. Shawna says:

    I went out for supper with my mom and aunt. During the supper I showed them the pregnancy test with the positive results.

    Red Deer, Alberta

  3. Sierra says:

    My mom’s birthday is in the middle of May and right around Mother’s Day. Being that I’m a florist (and Mother’s Day is always crazy busy fo me) I usually send my mom an extra big bouquet to cover both days. Last year, however, we were taking a family trip to see my grandmother right after Mother’s Day so I didn’t send anything,not wanting them to go to waste. I had been quite queasy throughout the week and my co-workers joked that I must be pregnant. With that in mind, I booked a Doctor’s appointment for the morning of our flight and sure enough I was! I wrote an “apology” in Mom’s Mother’s Day card saying I was sorry she didn’t get any flowers this year but could I make it up to her by calling her “Grandma” this time next year?? (This was to be my parents first grandchild; my mom said she had just given up “last week” on the idea of being a grandmother. Interestingly enough, my brother called later to announce that he and my sister-in-law were also expecting! They had a boy on December 21 and we had a girl on Dec 23. My baby brother beat us out for the title of “First Grandbaby”, but my parents got a grandson AND a grandaughter for Christmas!!)

  4. Hafeeza says:

    We were so excited to announce to our friends that we were expecting! Family announcements were done 1:1 on the phone but the fun announcement was on Facebook and email! We had been married for 7yrs so people constantly asked us when we were going I have kids so we were so looking forward to announcing it! We sent out an email and put a Facebook status simply saying:

    Nav and Hafee, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes_______________…

    It was a big hit! People loved how we announced it and it was great!

    Calgary, CANADA

  5. Jamie says:

    After having been unsuccessful for nearly 3 years at trying to get pregnant, I was a bit nervous to take the pregnancy test when I was late. My husband was away from home for a few days so I was hesitant to take it until he got home…but my curiosity got the best of me and sure enough, I was pregnant!! I had to wait 3 agonizing days, not sharing my exciting news with anyone, before my husband returned home and I could FINALLY tell him. I kept the digital pregnancy test stick and put it in an old jewelry box. Written on the inside of the lid, I wrote “Here’s positive proof that in 9 months you will be the world’s greatest dad!” and covered the test stick with some cotton batting. After he read the lid, he lifted the cotton and saw the “proof”. He was so excited, he picked me up and spun me around. We spent the next few minutes crying, laughing and hugging.

  6. Kelly says:

    When we were ready to announce that I was pregnant with my 2nd baby, my husband created a short video that was like a movie trailer. It began with text scrolling across the screen talking about a sequel like no other, then an image of our 1st born came up, then an image of the ultrasound photo. Finally the text came up “Coming August 2012!” He had a great soundtrack attached to make it perfect!! We emailed it out and everyone loved it!!!

  7. Deborah says:

    We found out that we were pregnant just before Christmas 2010. So the whole family was together and being really loud and noisy. I told everyone that I needed to tell them something and to quiet down. I stood up and announced that we were having a baby. My nana almost cried and my aunt jumped for joy. The other half of the room didnt here and were confused. Once I said it again everyone was super happy!

  8. Melinda says:

    My husband and I were trying for almost 2 years, so the day I decided to take a pregnancy test was during a lunch hour, I left my place of work to buy one and stopped at a local coffee shop; when it came out positive, I was so ecstatic I could not contain my excitement, but I wanted my husband to know first, so I called him, I have never had an issue reaching my husband, but of course this day I did-I couldnt reach him by cell, or at his work #, I probably called about 20 times, and then I went back to work very frustrated, because I couldn’t have the conversation at work, because it was open concept. When I finally reached my husband (2hrs later) I just calmly asked him to check his cell phone (while we were on our work phones together) and I texted him a pic of the pregnancy test, with congrats you are gonna be a daddy!- when we announced to our family, we wrote out letters individually saying congrats you are going to be a grandma, grandpa, uncle, aunt, great grandma to each family member. we hosted a bbq, had everyone with us and handed out the envelopes,so everyone found out at the same time!

  9. My husband and I were trying for almost 2 years, so the day I decided to take a pregnancy test was during a lunch hour, I left my place of work to buy one and stopped at a local coffee shop; when it came out positive, I was so ecstatic I could not contain my excitement, but I wanted my husband to know first, so I called him, I have never had an issue reaching my husband, but of course this day I did-I couldnt reach him by cell, or at his work #, I probably called about 20 times, and then I went back to work very frustrated, because I couldn’t have the conversation at work, because it was open concept. When I finally reached my husband (2hrs later) I just calmly asked him to check his cell phone (while we were on our work phones together) and I texted him a pic of the pregnancy test, with congrats you are gonna be a daddy!- when we announced to our family, we wrote out letters individually saying congrats you are going to be a grandma, grandpa, uncle, aunt, great grandma each family member, then we hosted a bbq, and handed out the letters in sealed envelopes,so everyone found out at the same time!

  10. Alison says:

    We didn’t do anything extravagant to announce our pregnancy. We waited until 10 weeks and then just started making the phone calls to family – seeing as they don’t live in the same city. We called and said “Hi Grandma! or Hi Grandpa!” – confusing them momentarily and then they clued in!!

  11. caroline says:

    I told one of my coworkers and then she and I would step into the room when there was one other person in it and she would announce that there are four persons in the room. Some people got it right away and yelled out others were puzzled and looked behind the furniture. It was funny either way.

    From Richmond, B.C.

  12. Lindsay says:

    With my first we found out around Christmas that I was pregnant so in our Christmas cards we wrote, Love from (us) and the newest member of the family.

    We just found out i’m expecting again and to tell everyone we made a shirt for our son that says “i’m going to be a big brother!”

  13. Stephanie says:

    When we found out we were having a baby, my husband and I were over the moon! It was going to be the first grandchild for both my parents and my husband’s parents, so we made each of the moms a shirt that says “Grandma” and dad a shirt that says “Grandpa” – needless to say those shirts and the news were a hit!

  14. Julie says:

    When we found out that we were expecting it was hard to keep a secret, we told our parents first. But waited to tell my grandparents. I had a keychain made for Grandma saying “#1 Great Grandma” and a pocket knife saying “#1 Great Grandpa” and we gave them the gifts on Christmas day & had them open it simulationously. English not being their second language, I had to explain to them that not only were they “great” grandparents to me, but that the were going to become “GREAT GRANDPARENTS”, once they realized what was going on, everyone cried, it was an amazing experience, to see the happiness in the fact that the family they started here in Canada was growing, but that they were here to experience it!

  15. nathalie says:

    When i found out that we were expecting our first child, I called my husband at work to let him know. He had to be quiet because his brother was standing right next to him (they worked tgether at the time). We wanted to tell the rest of our family at a bbq at our place. So when we had our bbq I nervously told my parents that they will become grandparents in February 2009. It took them a few minutes for the information to sink in but when it did, everbody was so excited. Then, when we found out we were expecting our second child, it was the day after my birthday. My eldests’ daughter’s birthday is 4 weeks after mine, so we made a t-shirt saying “I’m gonna be a big sister!” for her to wear when she opened her gifts. Then she went around the house to show everybody else her shirt. We were treated to a round of applause from the whole family.

  16. Amanda says:

    His niece and nephews (3 of them) had just returned from Disney World. They had these adorable Thing t shirts – thing 1 to 4. It was July long weekend and we were meeting his whole family at the lake, I sent an email asking them to bring the thing shirts for a photo shoot (im an amature photographer).
    Little did they know, I had made a thing 5 shirt with the logo on my belly!

    During the shoot, I took the pictures and my bf stepped in at the end and asked me to join the niece and nephews. Told me to take off my sweater (which was hiding the tshirt)!


    Everyone was so shocked!

  17. Kristine says:

    On Christmas day before dinner we put a note announcing our pregnancy in the “cracker” of Dad-to-be’s mother. She fooled us though when she switched crackers with her boyfriend and he read the news aloud first!

  18. Priscilla says:

    We were on vacation in Hawaii for a friend’s wedding and it was still early on in the pregnancy (less than 8 weeks) so we didn’t want to tell anyone yet. However, since it was my first I was excited to go on pregnancy websites and watch the development of my baby from week to week (on Although I thought I had been careful about it, I guess I had been using our friend’s iPad and laptops but leaving windows open or somehow they saw the search history and saw I was looking up pregnancy websites. One night, in pre-wedding celebrations, my husband just decided he didn’t want to wait to share the good news with his buddies so he told them, but they said they had already knew and were just waiting for him to say something! So much for a surprise! When we came home we started telling our family and my girlfriends. We decided its early on in the pregnancy and no matter what happens we would want them to know and be there to support us.

  19. Chelsey Hudkins says:

    I bought a piggy bank that said “save for your new arrival” “baby fund” and wrapped it with a sleeper and gave it to my husband when he came home from work. And I bought t shirts for my parents that said “soon to be grandma 2011” and “proud to be a norwegian grandpa” 🙂

  20. Meaghan says:

    We had cookies made in a shape of a baby carriage. Some were pink and some blue. We had them write “baby makes 4” on half and on the other half said “coming may 2012”. They were a hit and oh soo delicious!!

  21. Emily says:

    My husband isn’t a huge gamer, but he loves the term “noob”, meaning “newbie”. So I ordered this newborn onsie that says “noob” on the front – it’s pretty cute. After finding out I was pregnant with our second, I quickly wrapped up the onsie and gave it to him. I loved watching the series of emotions and expressions as he figured out what it meant – confusion, surprise, and excitement. 🙂

    Reno, Nevada, US

  22. Erin says:

    With my first, I was 18, and I gave the test to my mom to read, so she was really the first person to know. She had told me weeks before that I was, but when I took a test then, it had come back negative since it was too early. My mother is the best pregnancy test of all time.
    The second time, I had taken my Mirena out at the end of september, and by the end of October, we were pregnant. I found out Nov. 1st, and again, I was NOT the first to know. I peed on the digital stick, and left it in the bathroom. I watched the timer, and right before I was supposed to go check, hubby bolts in before me and locks the door to read it. He comes out and hes got the most excited look on his face, and that was all I needed to see 🙂
    I had to wait to tell for my second, because a day or two after we found out, there was some tragedy in the family, and I didnt want to overshadow it. We waited a few months before coming out with it, and everybody noticed the dates right away, and they all said it was a blessing after a tragedy.
    My first, the day I found out I just ran around my town tracking down all my friends and family to tell them in person 🙂

  23. Tara says:

    My husband and I have been with eachother for 10 years. Both parents pretty much gave up on us ever having children, as we were pretty busy still having fun, We kept telling them that we were trying, but nothing ever came of that. Finally a positive result came back from my pregnancy test. Of course I freaked out and called for my husband, who at first didn’t believe me as I had been wrong before. Now was the time to tell our parents. We waited three months to break the news.This was the hardest secret to hide, especially pretending to be drinking at my fathers birthday party a couple months earlier. Fathers day was coming up so my husband and I decided to tell them that day. I invited both parents over for a big dinner and my husband and I gave our fathers a card for Fathers Day. We watched with excitement as they both opened their cards. What I had done is stuck pictures of our babes ultrasound in each card for their gift. The first thing my father said was, “Are you pregnant?” and with that both moms started jumping up and down hugging and crying hysterically, both dads were staring at us in amazement, it was quite entertaining to watch! We were told that it was the best Father’s Day present ever!!!

  24. caitlin says:

    With my first I gave my husband a little box with the positive test inside. He was sooooooo excited we both cried! With our second I wrote “big sister ” on my daughters monsieur. When he say it it took him a second to clue in but then when he saw the excited grin on my face and tears in my eyes he got it. With the third I wrote “baby ” on my belly so when we were snuggling before bed he saw it and was just ecstactic. Its so fun to share the news in an interesting way!!!!!

  25. Ashley Stone says:

    On April 1st 2006 (April Fool’s Day) we called my parents in the morning and told them I was pregant. Being that we’d been married only 3/4 of a month at that point it was a great joke and everyone had a great laugh.

    And then 8 days later I had to call them back and tell them the truth. I really was pregnant and the joke was on us! We’d gotten pregnant on our honeymoon and I had no idea!

  26. Zita says:

    After many years of infertility and multiple pregnancy losses, my husband and I had officially told our family that we had decided to adopt. We were shocked when found out, shortly thereafter, that we were expecting our first child and were already 8 weeks into the pregnancy. We were skittish about sharing our news until we were out of the first trimester “danger” zone, which would be on Christmas day. A yearly Christmas tradition in our family is that everyone receives an ornament for the tree on Christmas Eve, and we decided to integrate this into our announcing our news. We purchased a recordable ornament of a mother and baby polar bear (which are my mother’s favourite animal) and recorded “Merry Christmas Momma, from Zita, Jason, and BABY who will meet you in July!”. After getting over her shock, she told us that her gift for us this year was going to be paying for the costs of an adoption! She had all the paperwork and cheques ready to go for us. Many tears of joy were shared, and we caught the whole thing on a hidden camera, so we have the memories for ever.

  27. Sarah W says:

    For my first son, we waited until I was almost 12 weeks. We miscarried our first pregnancy so we were a little hesitant to share right away like we had before. To tell them, we took a picture of a bun in our oven. Then when I was home for Christmas, I showed it to my parents saying, “You have to see this awesome photo I took!” It was hilarious to see them work through what it meant. My dad didn’t get it for the longest time, I practically had to spell it out for him. For this current pregnancy, we got a friend of mine who is a brilliant photographer (Snow Pea Portraits) to take a photo for us. We had my husband holding our son, a plus sign between them and I, and an equal sign and then the number 4. We sent that out to all of our family, and then once they knew, we posted it on facebook!

  28. This contest is now closed. Thank you to everyone for their amazing responses! The two winners were just chosen by random selection. Congratulations to:
    Emily from Reno, Nevada and Caroline from Richmond, BC!

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