Fashon.Style.Breastfeeding. It’s CoverBoo Couture!


Fashon.Style.Breastfeeding. It’s CoverBoo Couture!


As a new mom, I was always hesitant about nursing in public – But I found a solution to still feed my baby, quickly, discreetly and super  conveniently — and still look fashionable doing so !!!

The CoverBoo Nursing Scarf is worn as a fashion accessory that does NOT LOOK like any of the other nursing covers currently out on the market. It offers the convenience of having  a nursing cover readily available – as it is already being worn.

You don’t have to dig around your diaper bag looking for your cover as you are holding a hungry fussy baby – you only have to adjust the CoverBoo to cover yourself and your child as you nurse. The CoverBoo Nursing Scarf is both fashionable and discreet.

How does one wear the CoverBoo?  Glad you asked! Click here for step by step instructions and here for the styles!

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