Bravado Nursing Bra Reviews – Western Canada


Bravado Nursing Bra Reviews – Western Canada


Read what 8 of our mom’s said in reviewing Bravado’s two popular styles of nursing bra’s!

The Bliss Nursing Bra

The perfect foam cup t-shirt nursing bra that features our proprietary Flexi-Fit™ support channel, giving you an elegant shape and exceptional fit for everyday use. This nursing bra’s features also include: molded foam cups, a low neckline and a luxurious satiny finish, that disappears under clothing so all people see is your gorgeous silhouette—and all you feel is comfy and beautiful.




The Original Nursing Bra

Has been recommended by Lactation Consultants for over 20 years. This cotton nursing bra adapts to your changing shape making it perfect for pregnancy right through to nursing. Moms love to live and sleep in the Original Nursing Bra 24/7 – especially in the early stages when comfort is the key in your journey to breastfeeding success.





Western Canada Bravado Mama Reviews:

This is by far the best nursing bra I have tried!  As a big chested girl the support without an underwire was very surprising!  The Bravado Bliss bra is so comfortable that I forgot I was wearing it and wore it to bed!   This bra is super soft and has foam cups to help hide nursing pads and ensures discreteness while still looking very sexy!   This bra is very supportive and remains comfortable even when I go past my son’s feeding time.  There are absolutely no pressure points!  I was also able to master the one hand lock and unlock the first day I tired it!  The Bravado Bliss is easy to wash and doesn’t require any extra care unlike some of my other bras.  I love that it comes with the Bliss Bra extender.  The extender makes my 34 bliss into a 36, which will allow me to still be able to wear this bra during my next pregnancy.  This bra also comes with a conversion kit so that after you are done having children you can convert it into a regular bra!  Bravado is now my new favourite brand!  I can’t wait to try their Essential Nursing Bra Tank!

Anna – Calgary, Alberta


Bliss from Bravado is a very comfortably bra! It’s supportive, without the pinching of underwire. I didn’t think the size would fit, since I ordered it before I had my baby, but even though I’ve gone up two cup sizes and shrunk a bandsize, it fits wonderfully due to the stretchiness and extra rows of clasps in the back. Perfect!

Kimberly Englot –Mother to 16 day old Findlay

Life Coach & Founder of The Center for Authentic Self Development


The Bravado Body Silk Seamless bra is heaven for nursing mamas.  Out of the box it looks luxurious, a creamy ivory colour with a beautiful sheen to it.  No modified sports bra here!  There are little lace appliques on the front of the bra.  I found it very supportive and snug without being uncomfortable, it didn’t leave lines in my skin like other nursing bras I’ve tried.  It is wireless, but gives all the support of underwire, without the discomfort as my breasts change sizes from hour to hour.  The clasp comes undone quickly and easily without fussing, and the bra slips down easily and tucks under the breast without creating the bulk of fabric that some nursing bras get.  This means that my nursling’s latch is not affected, and I don’t have to keep pushing the fabric down.  It gives a really nice shape to the bust as well, no sagging as my breasts deflate after a feed!  The straps are wide and thick and give a lot of support, as a bonus the little designs on them look cute when I am wearing a tanktop with thin straps.  All in all a very beautiful, comfy, and supportive bra!  Will definitely be getting it in multiple colours!

Review from Martha Neovard, Lactation Educator, co founder of ‘Living Skies, Living Milk’, breastfeeding educator and mom to toddler and new infant!


I was excited to be given the opportunity to review the Bliss nursing bra, as I only have one other nursing bra from another brand and I had always wanted to see what Bravado’s line was like. I wasn’t let down! I was very happy with the fit, shape, support and comfort that the Bliss nursing bra provided.

The first time I pulled the bra out of the package and tried it on, I was a bit unsure as it gave my breasts a bit of a pointed shape, which I wasn’t a fan of. However, after a couple of washes it seemed to relax a bit and gave me a nice smooth, seamless silhouette. I have been wearing it off and on for about 2 weeks now, and have completely fallen in love with it! The clasps are strong and have never come loose, and I honestly forget that I’m wearing a nursing bra. It’s a great piece – a staple in my wardrobe now – and I will definitely recommend the Bliss to other breastfeeding moms!

– Claire W. Breastfeeding Mom of 7 month old


I ordered the Bliss Nursing Bra size 34D.  This is Bravado’s full coverage bra.  Pre-nursling I would have never have chosen a full coverage bra but decided to this time as other nursing bras I have tried didn’t seem to cover my milk filled breasts.  The Bliss bra came through on its promises!  I feel supported, contained and the cut is flawless – I am 100% confident I am not going to spill out of this bra!

This is the very first bra without underwire I have ever owned – and I LOVE it!  I can wear this bra all day and evening without the discomfort of wire at my side and it still gives great shape and lift.  The Bliss bra is seam free which makes it incredibly comfortable and the perfect t-shirt bra.  It’s made of very soft fabric and it’s pretty too!

What’s really cool about this bra is that it comes with extra clips and detailed instructions for conversion to a non-nursing bra when you are past that stage.  I will definitely want to wear this bra past my nursing days so such a fantastic and unique feature!  Well done Bravado!

– Edmonton, AB Mom

Since I love to try new things I jumped at the chance to test Bravado’s breastfeeding compatible bra with a conversion kit to a post nursing bra. I’ve been wearing my tester bra ‘The Bliss Nursing Bra’ by Bravado for a few weeks now, so I have a few things to report. It’s not only comfortable but functional. My favourite things are the lightly lined foam cups which nicely mask the lumpiness of breast pads, this foam also has a nice shape great for under t-shirts. Also the straps are not as wide as I am use to. Being an E cup my bras usually have wider unsightly straps for support and comfort but the Bliss Nursing Bra supports with all the ease and comfort a busy mom wants while still looking cute.

– Abigail Garratt – Doula (Special Deliveries Doula Service

The things I LOVE about this bra are:

  • That it is super supportive…I have no pulling on my shoulders like other nursing bras do.
  • It distributes the weight of my breasts evenly.
  • Offers full coverage while still giving some cleavage (a rarity for full figured nursing bra’s)
  • It breathes nicely
  • Easy to undo and do up the clasps.
  • An extra added bonus that there clasps to turn it into a regular bra once your nursing journey is over which makes it have great value!
  • It’s a great everyday bra that is perfect for tandem nursing and chasing two toddlers
  • Washes easy as well and dried relatively quickly on a rack.

    The only things I didn’t like about it the side seems show under my shirt and without an adjustable band you have to be measured with a well established milk supply already.

    Otherwise I give I give this bra a 4.5 stars/5. For a full figured nursing bra it scores a 5, it rocks!

– Alana Kornik – Nursing mom of a 20 month old toddler


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