Bravado Nursing Bra Reviews – Eastern Canada


Bravado Nursing Bra Reviews – Eastern Canada


Read what 4 of our mom’s said in reviewing Bravado’s two popular styles of nursing bra’s!

The Bliss Nursing Bra

The perfect foam cup t-shirt nursing bra that features our proprietary Flexi-Fit™ support channel, giving you an elegant shape and exceptional fit for everyday use. This nursing bra’s features also include: molded foam cups, a low neckline and a luxurious satiny finish, that disappears under clothing so all people see is your gorgeous silhouette—and all you feel is comfy and beautiful.

The Original Nursing Bra

Has been recommended by Lactation Consultants for over 20 years. This cotton nursing bra adapts to your changing shape making it perfect for pregnancy right through to nursing. Moms love to live and sleep in the Original Nursing Bra 24/7 – especially in the early stages when comfort is the key in your journey to breastfeeding success.


Eastern Canada Mama’s Bravado  Nursing Bra Reviews:


The Bravado Bliss fits like a “normal” bra – and I love it!

I work in an upscale breastfeeding boutique with a large selection of nursing bras.  I have tried on more brands and styles than I can remember, but funny enough, until recently, I had not tried the Bravado Bliss – and I wish I had!  This bra has quickly become a staple in my nursing wardrobe.  It is comfortable, supportive, and seamless (perfect to wear under t-shirts).  I first tried this bra during a recent heat wave.  The molded cups made me think it would be hot, but I was surprised at how breathable it was!

This bra is not a “dowdy” nursing bra – it’s really pretty!  It’s satiny, soft, and has a cute detail on the front.  The molded cups are great to hide breast pads and give your breasts some shape.  I have found many nursing bras make my breasts look flat, wide and generally unflattering.  The fit of the cups keeps my breasts in front of my chest giving a really great shape, and incredible cleavage!  The snaps lay flat, and are very discreet.  The cups themselves can open up wide enough for the entire breast to come out if you need it to.

I was very excited to see that the Bravado Bliss comes with extender!  I had to buy so many of these for my bras to accommodate my expanding rib cage during my pregnancy.  The expander means that you have an extra couple of inches if you need it around your rib cage, making this bra a perfect pick as a maternity bra!  As you’ve all realized, our bodies aren’t always exactly where we want them to be post-baby, and the changes can be dramatic. Once you’re back at your normal band size, you can take the extender off.  This ensures that you will get a great fit and not have to replace the bra because the band has become too big, or wear a bra with a band digging into your skin.

The Bravado Bliss also comes with a conversion kit!  How smart is this?  When you are done nursing, the nursing clips can be removed and it can be converted into a regular bra!  This just makes so much sense, you can get years of use out of this bra.  And you will want to get as much wear as you can, it’s just that comfortable.

– Marissa from Toronto, ON.


As a breastfeeding mother of a 3-month old boy, the Bravada bra is very practical and handy when having to feed at home or in public, and I love that is comes in three colours – black, blush and white. The snap out straps are super easy to undo (in a hurry!) and the stretchy cotton fabric dries quickly if any leaking occurs. I am also a post-partum fitness/dance instructor teaching 5 times per week and the Bravado bra is my favourite for wearing in my classes. The fabric is quite supportive and I really love the racer back style (not many nursing bras are cut like this) Thanks again for making a great and stylish nursing bra!

– Michelle Hiller, Fit2Dance President, Toronto, ON.


Shopping for nursing bras can be such a challenge. Finding the right size can be difficult with pregnancy weight gain then weight loss, initial nursing engorgement and all of the other changes that happen to your body during pregnancy and post-partum.  I changed 3 cup sizes over the course of pregnancy/nursing!  When my son made his surprise arrival 2 months early I had not purchased any nursing bras yet, this meant I was running to Walmart the day after he was born to try to pickup a nursing bra to use while I was pumping.

And what did I find? Poor selection, VERY limited sizing, unflattering bras. For the time being I was going to have to make do, so I grabbed one and headed back to the NICU to be with my son. I knew there had to be a better option out there for nursing bras.

I mean all of the nursing mothers out there could not be wearing these uncomfortable, ill fitting, non-supportive bras, right???  So my search for a nursing bra begun… I was looking for a bra that was: comfortable, fits well, offers good support, look smooth under clothing, and have clasp that are easy to open with 1 hand.  After talking to friends and searching online one name that was consistently recommended was Bravado (

Once I was finally home and settled with my son (after 5 weeks in the NICU), one of our first trips out was to a local baby boutique which carried the Bravado line nursing bras and tanks. I quickly feel in love with The Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra (  and it was my “go-to” bra during the 21 months I nursed my son.

With baby #2 now on the way, I was very excited to be able to review the Bravado Bliss Nursing Bra (

What I love about this bra:

Sizing: The cups are generously sized, so they can accommodate the daily/weekly/monthly changes in sizing that happen while nursing. I would highly recommend going into a local retailer (, try on the bras to find the one with the perfect style and fit for you.

Soft Cups: The soft fabric provides full coverage and looks great under any top. There is no underwire in this bra.

Support: The shoulder straps and wide rib band with 3 hooks helps provide great support making this bra comfortable to wear all day (and night) long

The Clips: Easy to open and close with one hand, and I have NEVER had a Bravado Bra pop open on me unexpectedly (which I cannot say the same for other nursing bras…)

The Extras: The Bliss Nursing Bra comes with an extender for the rib band allowing you to wear this bra during pregnancy and post-partum without needing to change sizes. The Bra also includes Bra Conversion Kit which allows you to convert your Bliss Nursing Bra to a “regular bra” once your breastfeeding journey has come to an end.

So no matter when Baby #2 decides to make an appearance I will be ready for the start of our breastfeeding journey with my Bravado Bras. If you are looking for a comfortable yet fashionable nursing bra has just what you are looking for!  Stop by to check out their affordable collection and see what seasonal colours they have available today.

You can find Kate over on her blog ( Little Miss Kate, and connect with her on Facebook ( and on Twitter (  Kate is mom to 1 little boy with baby #2 on the way. Little Miss Kate is a chronicle of her parenting adventures, mixed with helpful product reviews and some exciting giveaways as well.



Review #4


When picking the bra one of my concerns was the “madonna” like shape (pointy). I felt like you could see exactly where my nipple was even though the bra was thick enough that that wasn’t the case. This was noticeable enough that my hubby actually made fun of me as he noticed without me even saying anything to him about it. I asked a friend if she owned any bravado bras and she said yes. Asked her if she liked it and she said “no” citing the exact same reason.


Despite this I did stick to wearing the bra which to be honest I normally wouldn’t have. And noticed that with time on one side I was starting to get a wrinkle in that area. (Note this was my smaller boob).


After time the shape did settle down but still not exactly the look I normally go for. There is some extra space which I think if using for nursing would be useful for when supple goes up and down and/or to use a pad in for leakage.



Again when I got home and for the first few times wearing it I could I was always picking at it and adjusting myself. This did settle down more I wore it. It was almost like I had to break it in.



I’m glad I stuck with wearing the bra as its now one of my go to bras for comfort and I’m looking forward to testing it out when I start to nurse my baby.


5 Responses to “Bravado Nursing Bra Reviews – Eastern Canada”

  1. Must check these out for my sister who is due this fall! Thanks for the great review!

  2. Ashley S says:

    It seems like since I had our girls they’ve come leaps and bounds with the products/clothing they offer for both the pregnant woman and the nursing one!

  3. Oh I wish I would have known about these bras a few years ago, I’ll be sure to check these out, might be helpful in the future! 🙂

  4. Christine says:

    I have a lot of pregnant friends and a lot who have just had babies. I need to tell them about this! Thanks for posting! Hmmm…if I ever have #2, I’ll def have to get this!

  5. I love all the awesome nursing bras and outfits they have now. There was not much selection when I was nursing my babies.

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