A Day in the Life of a Bravado Test Wearer


A Day in the Life of a Bravado Test Wearer


So us ladies at Mommy Connections have been promoting Bravados Designs Test Wearer Program as seen here for some time now. Being that I’m now expecting my second and that the program is open to expecting and breastfeeding moms, I decided that I would see exactly what happens – sort of a “test the testing program.”

I completed the online application and shortly after I received a call to book my appointment. I picked 10am on a weekday. No big deal right? Well I live in west-end Toronto and the office is in east-end. I braced myself for possibility a long drive, as I would have to cross the downtown traffic at the tail end of the morning rush. Guess what – it was a breeze!

The office was in an industrial type area but inside it was a super cool space. Bright, open, and you could tell everyone was excited to work there.

I met the ladies who would be doing my fittings. They escorted me to a private room that had an additional private changing area in it. We sat and chatted about the process, the bras then got started on the fitting.

If you have ever had a proper bra fitting it’s a treat as you know you’ll be walking away with one that is best for you and this wasn’t much different then that. So to catch up those who haven’t had one – They measure you, try different ones on which they adjust properly, ask for feedback on how they fit and see you in them. They did all of that with one added thing – they take a picture of you in it. I’ll admit I was a tad unsure of this until I saw a sample photo. They are just taking a picture of the bra on you no head no belly etc so no one will ever know who it is, plus they don’t share them publicly. It’s just so they know how each bra fits for their records and what the corresponding feedback was.

After you do the above a few times the end is near you get to walk away with a well fitting bar to test out (and keep) which you will be following up with them on a later date to let them know how you feel about it after wearing it in everyday life.

Overall I loved the experience and would be happy do it again.


I ‘d love to hear from you have you participated in this program? What was your experience?


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