Congrats to our facebook party winners!


Congrats to our facebook party winners!


We had an amazing fanpage party last week!  Thank you to everyone who participated; both moms & sponsors!

Here are some links to the sponsors fanpages.  Like them to show your support and they just might sponsor another party!

ParentsCanada –
Hot Wheels Canada –
Plasma Car –
Bravado Designs – –
Loveable Labels –
Glowbaby –
Iron Kids –
Adult Essentials – –
Teethease –



1.) Have you tried cloth diapering? If not, what are your thoughts on cloth diapering?

Stinky Moose Gift Certificate Winner – Heather Ashley

2.) What’s your favourite fall outdoor activity to do as a family?

Plasma Car Winner – Maria Pollard

3.) What is your favorite memory as nursing mother?

Bravado Designs Original Nursing Bra Winnner Winner – Alison Robinson

4.) What was/is your must have item during pregnancy that’s available on

$50 Gift Certificate Winner – Katharine Wong

5.) School will be starting back in a few weeks. As a parent, what do you dread the most and what do you look forward to the most about the start of a new school year?

Lovable Labels $40 Gift Certificate Winner Tiffany Kelly Ard

6.) Who plans their meals and shops accordingly each week? Any tips?

Glow Baby Meal Planner Winner – Jennifer Ibell

7.) Vitamins are important for young children as they often do not eat enough variety to get all their required nutrients, especially Vit D & Omega 3s. Look for vitamins with natural ingredients only. Have your kids tried Gummy Vitamins like IronKids? What did you think?

Irons Kids Gift Pack Winner – Cassandra Eastman

8.) Where did you find the greatest support while nursing?

Bravado Designs Essential Nursing Tank Winner – Jenn King

9.) What do you do with your kids that makes your day easier and fun? $25 Gift Certificate Winner – Carla Cox

10.) As the temperature drops and we head into fall, how do you encourage your kids to enjoy outdoor play?

Plasma Car Winner – Caroline Moustache

11.) Vit D, Omega 3s & B Vitamins are important for heart, brain, bone, teeth and cardiovascular health. Would you take vitamins more regularly if they tasted like a treat like Adult Essentials Gummy Vitamins do?

Adult Essentials Gift Pack Winner – Amie Davis

12.) What’s the #1 thing your child grabs to chew on?

Teethease Rock-ease necklace Winner Cat Liddle


Congratulations to our GRAND PRIZE winner, Keri Ann! She won a $200 Hot Wheels Prize Package!


If you haven’t been in touch to claim your prize, please email!


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