Why You May Want to Bring a Babysitter on Vacation


Why You May Want to Bring a Babysitter on Vacation


While planning a family vacation, making arrangements for an accompanying childcare provider may not be at the top of your checklist. After all, it is a “family” vacation; however, there are a wide variety of reasons why bringing your favorite sitter along might be a wise choice.

It’s Your Vacation, Too

Traveling with your children is an incredible opportunity to make precious memories that you’ll all carry for the rest of your lives. However, it can also be a stressful experience, for both the adults and the smaller set. Navigating a busy airport, braving traffic in an unfamiliar city, and struggling to get settled in a hotel room or vacation rental house are all pressure-cooker situations; kids get irritable and prone to meltdowns when their routines are disrupted, and the strain of performing constant damage control places a significant emotional burden on the shoulders of yourself and your partner. The prospect of an adults-only dinner or taking in the late-night sights of your vacation destination is sure to be quite an enticing one, but it may also be downright impossible to manage if you can’t secure dependable and qualified childcare. By bringing your babysitter along for the ride you’ll be able to take full advantage of any grown-up attractions that the city has to offer, without the worry that sometimes accompanies using resort-sponsored childcare.

Unfamiliarity Breeds Contrariness

When your children are on vacation, they are likely to be dazzled by the attractions and exciting changes in routine. Still, they’re also probably going to be a bit off-kilter if they’re left in an unfamiliar setting with a childcare provider that they don’t know or trust. Whether you procure a highly-recommended local sitter, utilize the services of a nanny agency, or take advantage of childcare options included with your hotel or resort package, your children will still be left in the care of people that are essentially strangers. Regardless of the caregiver’s experience level and competence, your kids do not know them and are very likely to have trouble feeling secure with them. In the interest of keeping temper tantrums, crying fits, and emotional breakdowns to a minimum, inviting a babysitter that your kids are already accustomed to and comfortable with may just be your best bet.

There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Help

Visiting a major theme park or other crowded tourist destination, especially one that’s designed to appeal to children by inspiring excitement and anticipation, can be a bit much for even two parents to handle. When kids are overwhelmed by the sight of a living representation of a favorite cartoon character on every corner, or by dozens of brightly colored rides and attractions, trying to keep them under control and in your line of sight is almost sure to be akin to fighting a losing battle. By adding an experienced babysitter to the entourage who’s already familiar with the temperaments and habits of each of your children, you’re effectively enlisting an extra pair of adult hands. Adding just one more grown-up to the mix can make all the difference when it comes to corralling your overly-excited and rambunctious brood.

Tips for Making it Work

If the idea of bringing your favorite sitter along for the family vacation is one that appeals to you, it’s important to make the proper arrangements and have a thorough understanding of how to best make the arrangement work. For instance, simply paying for her room and travel expenses is not likely to be acceptable to your sitter; she’ll need to be paid for her work and ideally provided with a per diem for her incidental expenses. Providing her with her own room is also a wise move, as hotel rooms tend to be quite close and may cause her to become frustrated beyond her capacity to cope if she’s sharing that small space with several people. Also, you should keep in mind that while she’s an employee of your family during the trip, she can’t work around the clock. Adequate breaks and the occasional night off are essential to maintaining her enthusiasm.

The most effective way to prevent misunderstandings and eliminate potential conflicts before they start is to have an in-depth conversation with your sitter before your departure, outlining what will be expected of her and what she expects to receive in terms of compensation and perks. Putting your arrangements in writing is recommended, and should be done in a document similar to a nanny contract. With proper planning and preparation your sitter-augmented vacation may be one of the best and most memorable experiences you ever share with your family.

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