Is a Niche Nanny Right for You?


Is a Niche Nanny Right for You?


Depending on your family’s circumstances, you may find that you need a nanny with special experience to provide care for your child. Fortunately for parents, a growing number of nannies are developing their own niche and specializing in providing in-home childcare for a specific type of child or family.

As you evaluate the care needs of your family, you may wish to consider if a niche nanny is right for you.

Are you the parent of multiples?

  • As parents of multiples know, caring for two children of the same age is more difficult than caring for one. Meeting the needs of one child without sacrificing the needs of another is a skill set that only comes with experience. If you are a parent of multiples, you may wish to consider hiring a nanny that has proven experience working for other parents with multiples. When creating your online profile, you’ll want to add a statement that attracts nannies with multiples experience. A statement like “Nannies with previous experience in caring for multiples preferred” will send a strong message that your ideal nanny candidate will have experience in caring for twins, triplets, or higher order multiples. You’ll also want to scan nanny profiles for keywords such as twins, triplets, quads, and multiples as you conduct your nanny search.

Does your child have special needs?

  • From allergies to autism, there are nannies that have experience in working with all different types of children. Being upfront about your child’s needs can help you secure a nanny that has experience in working with children who have similar needs. In fact, many nannies choose to work with children who have specific special needs, like Asperger’s or down syndrome, because they’ve developed effective ways in caring for these children and know how valuable a skilled childcare provider can be for these children and their families. Stating that you are looking for a nanny with special needs experience will ensure that you attract those who are interested in providing specialized care for your child.

Are you expecting an infant?

  • Newborn care specialists dedicate their careers to working with infants. Many times, they will work with a family for the first few weeks after the baby is born. Newborn care specialists help get new babies off to a good start by establishing healthy eating, sleeping, and care habits. Since many newborn care specialists work extended shifts, the parents are also able to rest and recuperate as they assimilate to life with their new baby. Those with extensive experience working with newborns may call themselves a night nanny, newborn care specialist, or nursery nurse (although anyone who isn’t a nurse shouldn’t use that term). Be sure to ask each candidate to provide their educational background and experience for your consideration.

Are you looking for short-term help?

  • Are you considering a nanny to accompany you on a family vacation? Do you need gap coverage during school vacations or during summer break? If so, there are nannies dedicated to providing short-term care. Traveling nannies, for example, specialize in accompanying families on vacations and trips. Summer nannies exclusively take on positions in the summer. There are even on call nannies who provide emergency care to children when other childcare arrangements fall through. Be sure to clearly state that you are looking for a short-term nanny in your profile or advertisement.

Are you looking for part nanny part educator?

  • For families who would like their nanny to provide educational instruction and support, hiring a governess may be the perfect solution. A governess is a nanny who holds at least a bachelor’s degree and focuses on educating their charges through direct instruction or tutoring. When searching for a governess, be sure to advertise that the minimum requirement for consideration is a bachelor’s degree.

There is a perfect nanny for every family. If you’re able to identify your family’s care needs and articulate them clearly, it will go a long way in securing the right nanny for your family!

Guest Blog Post Written By: Find A Nanny


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