Second Day of Awesome Featuring BlowOut Blocker


Second Day of Awesome Featuring BlowOut Blocker


Second Day of Awesome featuring

“ Poop!” That’s right, I said it. I am a mompreneur and baby poop is what started it all! Have you ever experienced an untimely up-the-back explosive diaper blowout?  Baby BlowOut Blockers offer parents a one-of-a-kind product that helps to minimize stress so parents can enjoy the moments that matter.

My name is Jadine and I am the owner of Kalika Baby Inc. (, the exclusive Canadian Distributor for Baby BlowOut Blocker by Melzy LLC. I am a busy type-A personality mom, teacher, coach, and mompreneur.

With two daughters as my inspiration and a fellow mom across the border who had a “great minds think alike” idea, I picked up the phone and trusted my gut that we could make our ideas merge and grow into a North American success.

After one short year as the Exclusive Canadian Distributor of Baby BlowOut Blocker by Melzy LLC, we have had many successes; a booth at the Babytime Shows in Toronto, our product showcased on BT (Breakfast Television), and the opportunity to be filmed on CBC Dragons’ Den.

I can’t wait to see what the next year (and many more) has in store for the growth and development of Baby BlowOut Blocker.

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Question – Had a BlowOut experience?  Tell us about it in the blog comments section below

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22 Responses to “Second Day of Awesome Featuring BlowOut Blocker”

  1. carla says:

    Not so much with my second but my first used to always have explosions!! And always in the car and all over his car seat. Always made for fun clean ups!

  2. Amy Richardson says:

    My baby is only a month old, but has already had a couple of ‘blow outs.’ The first one my husband changed. Although it wasn’t overly stinky, he had his shirt over his nose like it was. I was in the other room not knowing what was going on when I heard him frantically calling me. When I got there, he had his shirt over his nose and was heaving really bad. Haha, I took over. Poor guy, what happens when she’s older and I’m out of the house for an hour or so? Lol

  3. Emma L Bartlett says:

    not as of yet but you just never know

  4. Jessica says:

    Our first daughter was maybe 2weeks old and we had her in her bouncer, which she loved! She was sleeping and our little daschund, who never showed any interests in her before would not stop sniffing at her every time he walked by. When we lifted her out of her bouncer awhile later, there was mushy pea poop all over her legs, out her onesie, and all over the borrower bouncer. It stunk! I took her to her change table and my husband came to see what the commotion was about. He laughed when he saw then turne to leave. I said ” you are NOT leaving! This is a 2 man job!” Lol… Ew 😉

  5. Val M. says:

    Our now 6 month old daughter was 2 months old at the time and I had taken her to a friend’s brand new house. I was nursing her when she had a major blow out. She pooed all over me, my friend’s brand new white carpet and her new guest room bedding. To top it all off the poo was the yellowish orange breastmilk poo!!! It was everywhere! Thank goodness I always bring extra clothes and tons of wipes!

  6. Claudia B says:

    My son, who is just over 2 weeks old now had a major explosion ! The morning after we brough him home, my daughter (4 1/2) wanted to help change his diaper. Well as I was chaging him, he started to poo more, so I opened the diaper a little to show my daugher (as I thought she would think this was funny). As I did this, he pushed really hard and the poo exploded out of him. It hit his sister, the change pad, the hamper and the wall (which is about 3 feet from where he was). This was the funniest thing my daugher saw and could not stop laughing. 2 weeks later and she still asks if he is going to explod every time I go change him.

  7. Heather J says:

    My daughters worst blow out happened while we were visiting her grandma. We had her in the jolly jumper so grandma could see how much she loved it and how she jumped around. We were all so excited watching her jump and giggle that no one heard the poop until we noticed it running down her leg. It went all the way up her back, down her leg, and right out her pants onto the floor. Not only did we have to wash her outfit, but the jolly jumper and my mothers carpet as well!

  8. Carlotta says:

    For my son if you do not get his poopy diper changed fast enough it will leak out. And sometimes you have no hope as it came out with such force.

  9. Anita says:

    My worst experience was the day I put my naked son in the crib while I went to wash my hands while changing him. He hated having his diaper put on and would always turn over or try to crawl out, even while strapped on the change table. I decided after several minutes of trying to put one on him that I would just wash my hands while he’s in the crib and then try again. Just shortly after I ran back into the room as my son was crying hysterically. There was poop everywhere! Up his back, up his front, on his feet, hands, all over the crib and he was holding his hands in the air after smearing it on his face. I picked him up and it was all over me as I desperately tried to run a bath to clean him up! It was horrible beyond words!!!

  10. Julie says:

    “A Doubly BlowOut Experience”
    Visited some coworkers while on maternity leave to introduce my baby girl to the folks. As always, I packed extra diapers and a change of clothes, just in case (and boy, was it ever the case as you read on!). One of my coworkers was newly pregnant, perhaps a couple months along. And then it happened. I didn’t even feel a thing as I was carrying her the whole time. My coworker pointed out a “stain” on the front of her shirt. I checked her diaper, and yep – poop up along the back and poop up along the front. So essentially her back and belly was wearing poop! The coworker who was pregnant asked, “I know I’ll be a new mom but I’m not really sure… but why/how does poop travel so high up from the diaper up to the back?” I’ll never forget her question, because I didn’t know how to answer her. I just didn’t know what to say. It is what it is, right?

  11. We have many experiences about this. But there was one that we never forget. I was changing my little girl and she just let it go with all her strength. She shot about 2 to 3 feet away from her change table. I cleaned up and told my husband when he came home that night. A few days after that , my husband found some brown spots on our carpet floor that further from the area I cleaned up on that day!

  12. Angela says:

    I thought we were past the blow-out stage at 15 months but on a recent road trip when we arrived at our hotel I discovered that there was a blow-out up the back and out the sides. It was fun cleaning the clothes in the hotel bathtub! She hadn’t been in her diaper that long – I guess this one was building for the day and KABOOM! 🙂

  13. sarah says:

    Our first roadtrip…we pulled into Great Grandpas house and handed off 6week old son to grandma. All of a sudden she said, I think he is wet. All up his back and through his onsie out came his leaky poop! AHHHHHHH!

  14. Nat says:

    I could have used one of these today! My 7 month old and i were out to lunch and now that he’s on solids regularly his poo likes to sneak up the back of his pants for whatever reason. My friend went to pick him up and in the process put her hand on the small of his back right where it was and couldn’t understand why it felt mushy till she checked. She isn’t as cool with baby poo as i am now.

  15. Nicola says:

    When our 1st was a few months old, he’d not gone for a few days, until we were in the checkout line of London Drugs. Luckily we could buy another tub of wipes and use their grocery bags for his clothing – big time cleanup needed! We’d love to win a Blowour Blocker for our new baby! Sounds fantastic!

  16. Carrie Savage says:

    Recently, my four-month old went through a week of daily diaper blowouts (perhaps an early sign of teething). Each day like clockwork, she overflowed her diaper and got it all the way up the back. Needless to say we quickly reached the end of the spray’n’wash bottle that week! This product is genius – hope I win today’s prize! 😉

  17. Tiffany says:

    At only 10 weeks old we have had a few and I know this is just the beginning. Tonight as I was waiting for my husband to come home to give the baby his bath I picked him up and felt the tell tale mushy back. I rushed him to his change table and realized I couldn’t pull the onesie off without it getting worse so I grabbed the scissors and cut it off of him. Way easier to clean up but not a sustainable option!!

  18. Renee B says:

    Very interesting product! My 6 month old has definitely had a few blow outs… today was interesting because she just tried carrots for the first time this week. Orange blow out was a new one!

  19. Leanne b says:

    Luckily no blowouts with my first but I’m
    Due with my second any day now – not too
    Sure ill get so lucky this time!

  20. Catharine (Lou) M. says:

    No blowouts yet. But beets and pomegranates are a fav right night, so could happen!

  21. carol says:

    Congratulations Val M! You were chosen through as our BlowOut Blocker winner! Email to claim your prize!

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