Celebrate Father’s Day All Week!


Celebrate Father’s Day All Week!


Our household loves Father’s Day and we have a BBQ to celebrate Daddy every year.
There are lots of really fun and easy easy ways to have fun that cost nothing or very
little and you can get the kids involved!

Maybe include fun little surprises
and activities all week this year or just choose one of the following ideas.

Sunday June 9 – Give Daddy a sneak peak of what is to come for the week by starting his morning off with breakfast in bed – Don’t forget the room service card!

Door Hanger

Monday June 10 – Send Daddy off to work with a cute little lunch bag made by the kids (and more possibly you depending on their ages!)

Lunch Bag

Tuesday June 11 – Have a special drink waiting for Daddy when he comes home – this could be water, flavored soda or his favourite beer.  These labels can be ordered but to save money you could simply measure and create your own on the computer or have the kids color a white piece of paper that has been measured around the bottle.


Wednesday June 12 – Work on a Fathers Day mad-lib with the kids.  We have done these before and the answers are priceless!  Lots of versions can be found online and downloaded, or you can type one up of your own.


Thursday June 13 – Enjoy a sweet treat after supper tonight.  Whip up a batch of Betty Crocker’s cupcakes and cut out some tie shapes out of patterned cardstock, or even wrapping paper glued to card stock and voila – you have fancy cupcake toppers!  Making fruit kabobs with a chocolate drizzle is also fun for the kids to eat and tiny bit healthier!

 Dessert 1 Dessert 3Dessert 2

Friday June 14 – Create a Father’s Day Family Tree out of your kids (and maybe yours too depending if you need more branches) hands. If you do it right, this one could be a framer!

Hands Tree

Saturday June 15 – If Daddy loves his sports (or other television!) give him the gift that keeps on giving well into the evening – tie a bow around the remote with a note attached and maybe even his favorite TV watching treat.


Sunday June 16 – The day is finally here (phew!) Whip out the card that you and the kids may have possibly had time to make this week and start counting down the days until Mother’s Day! 🙂


Happy Father’s Day from our family to yours!

Sincerely, Carol (aka – Mommy Connections President) xo

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