‘Babying the Budget’ for a Newborn


‘Babying the Budget’ for a Newborn

July 30, 2013

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baby budgetWhen thinking about whether your bundle of joy will be wrapped in pink or blue when the stork arrives, sudden thoughts of dollar signs start to stampede. With the infinite amount of belongings your newborn will need, keeping a keen eye on every hard-earned paycheck to balance a “baby budget” may become worrisome.

Adopting frugal-friendly habits can help ease the stress and worries of working with a strict spending plan. Covering a few of the basics, here are some penny-wise ways to save baby supplies and maintain a budget without becoming overwhelmed by the expenses of having one:

·  Dress Them for Less– Because your baby will be growing faster than they go through bottles and diapers, finding baby clothes at a local yard sale or a thrift store can save you some major moolah. Another beneficial way to save on clothing for your newborn is by browsing the classified ads on Craigslist or finding daily deals on eBay.

·  Dipping into Diaper Discounts– Besides formula, diapers are one item babies go through the most. Buying in bulk or utilizing online savings are excellent ways to spend less on diapers. Some online retailers offer parents a chance to purchase baby supplies at reduced prices by using things like a Diapers.com coupon. To receive an incredible savings of 20% off brand-name diapers, type in the following Diapers.com promotional codes; 7GEN20 and GOSHOP, and redeem your discounted diapers at time of checkout. Despite their website’s name, Diapers.com offers everything your bouncing bundle of joy will need, from bottles to baby gear and everything in-between!

·  ‘Hospital-ity’- Like enjoying the perks of visiting a hotel, hospitals usually offer complimentary items just for staying, expect these freebies are for babies. Before you leave with your new addition to the family, ask a nurse or doctor if they have any available..

·  “Make it Rain!”- Baby showers are a great way to stock up on baby necessities. Using a baby registry, scan or select the items you need for your newborn and your friends and loved ones can assist with what they can. Remember, an overabundance of baby belongings is usually never enough; a little help can go a long way!

·  Balancing a ‘Baby Budget’- To balance a budget better, it’s crucial to know how much of a budget needs balancing. Configure the amount you’ll need to spend to ensure your baby gets everything they need. How much will it cost a month for formula? Diapers? Clothes? Add each total to come up with a grand total to be budgeted. Once you have a grand total, it’ll be easier to figure out ways to take saving-savvy shortcuts.

·  Frugal Feeding Frenzy- Typically eating every four hours, the receipt for formula can total in triple digits and can be rather long. One of the best ways to save on a newborn’s nutrition is by giving them nature’s preferred milk. Pumps typically average from $80 to $200; however, it’s a one-time payment compared to consistently replacing empty cans of formula. As advised with diapers, you can also save by buying in bulk and using store coupons and promo codes, if you do choose to use formula.

·  Caring Costs- WebMD.com configures that “day care costs can run about $1,200 a month,” and suggests it’d be financially wiser just to have one parent work part-time to watch the children. If you and your spouse would rather work full-time to accumulate extra funds, hiring a trusted teen to babysit a few times a week is always another inexpensive option for daycare. Usually, babysitters only charge $5 to $8 an hour, depending on experience and training.


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