Lulujo Muslin Blanket Review


Lulujo Muslin Blanket Review


We received a set of Muslin blankets a few months ago and I was super eager to try them out. We had to wait until the beginning of February to try them since our new baby arrived in January.

We had used muslin blankets with our second born child a few years ago and loved them. They are made with a gorgeous stretchy material and are typically over-sized, making swaddling a breeze. Muslin blankets are also a perfect weight – not too heavy and not to light.  Our kids love to be swaddled (check out this swaddling video) so we actually used a muslin blanket for the base swaddle and then cover that swaddle layer with a Summer Infant Swaddle Me Blanket.  It seems to work as our kids both started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks and we are hoping our most recent addition will follow suit!  We only use the double swaddle method at bedtime, in hopes of getting the babies used to day naps and night sleeps.

photo 1


It’s 4am and baby Landon is ready to go back to bed!



photo 2


One arm in and ready to be swaddled!

photo 3


Wrapped nice and tight in the big Lulujo Muslin Blanket

photo 4


The final step for putting Landon to bed is adding the Swaddle Me Blanket

Lulujo sent us 2 sets of swaddling blankets- their oversized blanket and a set of 3 mini muslin cloths. Even at 9lbs, we used the mini cloths at birth for about 5 days as the base swaddle at bedtime.  At 3 weeks old, our little guy is a bit big to really swaddle with the mini cloths, but they make great burp cloths because they are super soft and they are also nice light blankets for when they are in the carseat, swing etc. They also fit great as an extra little blanket in the diaper bag and we used one in the crib under baby for any diaper leaks, spit ups etc to save us from having to change the whole crib sheet.



Already asleep minutes after swaddling with the Mini Muslin Blanket under him – it is so soft and protects the crib sheet from spit ups!

The blankets all come in beautiful patterns as well! We were very impressed with all the muslin blankets and the fact that they are a Canadian product with a great price point is a huge bonus too.

We would definitely recommend these blankets to any new mom. They make a gorgeous shower gift too!  We recently received a lovely chevron Lulujo blanket as a baby gift and are thrilled to have another one to add to the blanket rotation!

Check out this great Pinterest idea on gifting baby blankets in a cute way-

You can order your own set of blankets at Happy swaddling!

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