Becoming a Peekaboo Beans Stylist


Becoming a Peekaboo Beans Stylist

February 15, 2016

As you may know, Mommy Connections has been a Peekaboo Beans Ambassador since Fall 2015.  We love the principles behind the company and think their products are great for children.  The fact that they are based around allowing children to more freely and comfortably play is wonderful!  The brand started out in small boutiques and has since branched out into the direct sales world, allowing mom’s to have their own business while being home with their children.  Giving mom’s entrepreneurial opportunities and team support and training and what we are all about at Mommy Connection’s too – so the PB & MC teams are a match made in heaven!

The beginning of a new year is a time ripe with career and personal goal setting. So it is likely no surprise that January to March is a very popular time for new Peekaboo Beans stylists to join the team.  Peekaboo Beans direct sales agents are called Independent Play Stylists. Currently there are over 800 Stylists across Canada and growing. At a time when families are starting to juggle more and the economy is ever changing, this style of role is growing in popularity. Being a Stylist offers the opportunity to start a home business, be an entrepreneur, a business owner, and all the while, a parent.

Stylists receive their own branded website, ongoing coaching, mentoring and marketing support, on top of, of course, a very attractive clothing perk program.  The Peekaboo Beans network consists of passionate parents, connected to their communities and excited to promote play and playwear for kids across Canada.  And of course, Peekaboo Beans Stylists make money! Stylists can earn up to 35% commission on all products they sell, in addition to the opportunity to build their own team of stylists to make additional commissions. In 2016, Stylists are now able to own a piece of the Peekaboo business. As they enter into their IPO in March, Stylists can invest and be a Shareholder in the business.
You can learn more here:
Here are some Peekaboo Stylists Fast Facts:
1. There are currently 814 Stylists in Canada
2. Our furthest north Stylist is in Yellowknife
3. We have paid out over 1.7 million in commission to our Stylists to date
4. A soirée is what we call Peekaboo Beans shopping events
5. Our annual Stylist conference, Playtopia, is held annually in Vancouver
6. Our top stylists have each sold more than $200,000 in Peekaboo Beans product
7. 100% of our Stylists are female but we would love to bring males on board
8. With the help of our Stylists, we have donated over $45,000 to the non-profit Playground Builders
9. Our Stylists have helped us host over 65 pop up play dates across Canada
10. Our Stylists are currently earning their way to attend an all-expenses paid “Fiesta Playcation” Stylist incentive trip to Mexico!

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