Review: 3D two Double Convenience Stroller


Review: 3D two Double Convenience Stroller


We have had so many moms ask us for our expert advice on umbrella travel strollers.  For families that are flying or taking long road trips in jammed vehicles, an umbrella stroller is a must.  We talked to our friends Summer Infant and they said they would send us a double umbrella stroller.  Hard to imagine, right?  How can you fit 2 kids into an umbrella stroller without turning it into your regular full size stroller?! Summer Infant has figured it out!


Firstly, the stroller comes in a skinny long box and takes about 5 minutes from box to use.  Super simple instructions!


I would recommend this stroller for families with twins or kids that are quite close in age.  I wish I would have had this for my boys when they were smaller.  They are at the top of the suggested weight requirements, but we still put it to work every day of our 3 week holiday and consistently loaded it down with shopping bags, beach bags, coolers, pool towels and sand toys!  One of the pieces of frame on the base of the front seat poked through the fabric by the end of our trip due to too much weight and abuse, but other than that, it is in perfect condition and held up well.  It was SUCH a lifesaver and because we are a family of 5 and we had my husbands SUV, instead of my larger SUV, there was no way we could have fit our larger stroller.  It had to be an umbrella stroller and my 3.5 year old still likes to ride occasionally and sometimes I need to have him safely strapped in when I am on my own with all 3 kids.

To be honest, this is our first time using an umbrella stroller.  I always thought as tall parents, a travel stroller would be too low to push.  I also thought that most umbrella strollers were ‘cheap’ and would just fall apart.  Boy, was I wrong.  This stroller is amazing.  The handles are nice and high – tall enough for my 6’4″ husband to comfortably push.


It is very sturdy – we weighted it down on the handle bars numerous times and even without a child sitting in the front seat, it stayed perfectly sturdy and wasn’t at all feeling like it would would tip over.  Our fancy expensive strollers tip all the time if we aren’t careful with the weights.  The stroller is aptly named; “3D Two Double Convenience Stroller” – it sure is convenient.  To open, just push your foot on a little piece on the back between the wheels (see below) and to close, a simple little push just below the handle bars and it folds up perfectly and latches on it’s own.  It even has a carry strap.  Even at the airport, I didn’t feel like I needed the carry strap.  It folds so easily and compactly, I pushed both boys all the way to the end of the bridge before we boarded the plane.  No fuss – nice and easy – even when you are flying on your own like I was this past weekend!


Both seats have canopies.  If you have a taller child in front, the canopy might not work, but the rear canopy with peekaboo window is nice and high with great coverage.  You can also move the lower canopy in such a position, that it completely covers the child in the rear seat.  This is great for naps, especially on a warm and sunny days.  The seats also recline slightly.  Not enough to fully lay back, but perfect for a quick cat nap.


The front seat can also be laid down flat for long legs or carrying extra stuff when you don’t need the seat.


I really liked the storage.  There was a mesh pocket on one side which was perfect for sunglasses, snacks, room keys and even seashells, as we found out on our trip to Vancouver Island!  There is also a pocket that is a bit hidden on the side that fit my phone perfectly.  I liked having some things like cash or my phone really tucked away out of site and this pocket worked great.



The storage basket underneath was nice and large and held quite a bit.  If you are into diaper bag back packs, they fit perfectly on the handles.  We could carry a ton on this compact stroller, plus both kids!


To recap:

  • Stadium style seating holds up to 75lbs (combined weight) – rear seat holds 40lbs, front seat holds 50lbs
  • All aluminum frame (under 25lbs!)
  • 1 hand fold with auto lock and carry strap
  • 1 hand, 2 position recline
  • 2 large canopies adjust independently – rear canopy features a mesh peek-a-boo window
  • Large storage basket with side storage pocket and parent cup holder
  • Tall extra padded handles
  • Smooth glide wheels with locking front swivel wheels & rear wheel locks
  • Front seat features a padded bumper bar & adjustable calf rest
  • Rear seat features a comfortable footrest

This is a great stroller that we highly recommend!  Learn more or buy it here.  Thanks for continuing to share your great products with us, Summer Infant!


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