Review: SnoozeShade


Review: SnoozeShade


Let’s organize a camping trip with friends, we said…! Normally it would be an obvious yes, but this time around we were planning the trip with our 5 week old babySleep shade 2. My first concern was how anyone in our trailer (we have 2 other children) would sleep through the nighttime feeding ritual, but put that to the side (and yes, as it happens everything went fine!!) I also worried about what we would do to keep up with the multitude of naps that a newborn enjoys when we were away from home and her normal cot and bedroom, and how we would keep the mosquitoes away from the baby. It’s not like we could use bug spray on a newborn and I didn’t want to sit for hours covered in a mammoth sized mosquito net or hiding in a trailer instead of socializing with friends.

Then another friend suggested the SnoozeShade for travel cots and we figured we’d give it a go! Anything to get us out camping!

Sleep shade

The SnoozeShade was fantastic!! First, it darkened the travel cot for our baby so she slept as if she was at home in her bedroom with the blinds down, and to boot the shade kept the mosquitoes away from the baby and offered some protection from the sun. That said we did open up some of the side vents to get some airflow when we were outside but there was still enough shade remaining that the baby slept like a dream. We also really liked the top zip so we could peek on baby and make sure she was okay, or if we heard lots of movement and didn’t want to risk the noise of the zipper we could peer through the side of the shade.

We’re definitely taking the SnoozeShade on future trips. It will be fab in hotels when we have to share a room with the baby and don’t want to go to bed at the same time as her – we can pop the cover over and then sit in the room without being shrouded in complete darkness.

~ Kate

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