What is a Peekaboo Beans Stylist?


What is a Peekaboo Beans Stylist?


Peekaboo Beans became a direct sales business in 2008. The transition from retail to direct sales took place as the recession hit and smaller boutiques across Canada, where Peekaboo Beans were sold, began shutting down.

In addition, product knowledge and the message behind the brand were lost on the sales floor, identifying a need to reach customers directly. With less places to sell the product and the demand for Peekaboo Beans increasing, Traci turned to the greatest advocates for the clothing – Moms. She invited them to share the brand and spread the message of the importance of play within their communities.

Since 2008 the Stylist program has evolved, growing into a community of 977 women (and counting) across the country. Stylists kick start their business with an enrolment bundle (for as little as $199), and are provided with coaching in sales, recruiting and marketing, as well as enhanced knowledge of the values of Peekaboo Beans and the healthy development of children today. These entrepreneurs earn 15-35% commission on their sales and qualify for additional business building tools and bonuses. Stylists are encouraged to build a team, empowering them to mentor and manage their own “vine” – working together with success that reflects their leadership. By starting an independent home based business, women are living a lifestyle tailored to them where they are entrepreneurs, contributors, and parents who can achieve their ideal life balance Sales are achieved by bringing the rolling boutiques into homes for what’s referred to as a “Soiree”, “Playdate” or even a one on one personal shopping experience. Stylists (and their Hostesses) invite friends, families, colleagues, and fellow parents to see, touch and experience the latest styles.

These events most often take place in their homes, or in the homes of Peekaboo Beans customers who wish to host. Many Stylists attend community events, sharing the product, the opportunity and Peekaboo Beans’ message on the importance of free, unstructured play within our children. Some also run their businesses effectively using social media and strong online networks. Creating a personal Peekaboo Beans rolling boutique truly opens the door for parents with varying schedules & commitments – allowing for a work life balance that is custom made based on each person’s individual needs.

The community of Stylists is a tight knit group who communicate through Facebook groups, webinars and in person at the annual Playtopia conference, held in Vancouver. Training, development and opportunities to connect with other Stylists are ongoing. As demonstrated by Stylist initiated ‘Pop Up Play Dates’, fundraisers and meet ups, this group operates like one big Peekaboo Beans family!


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