Do Wonderful Warriors Wear Tiaras? 


Do Wonderful Warriors Wear Tiaras? 


Written by: Simone Reali

In my stronghold, you will find Anna, Elsa & Olaf.  Or , Wonder Woman, Katana and She-Hulk.batgirlgia

As mother to 3 curly-haired girls under 4-years of age, the goal is to raise wonderful women!  What does this mean to me exactly?


batgirlloloMy list is so long.  I want them to be resilient.  I want them to walk with their heads held high.  I want them to be true to themselves.  I want them to play, read, learn and travel.  I want them to apologize and forgive.  I want them to be independent problem-solvers and thinkers.  I want them to be positive.  I want them to be present and live passionately.  I want them to embrace multiculturalism and diversity.  I want them to be inclusive.  I want them to be nice to all, and to model empathy.  I want them to smile and say hello.  I want them to stand-up for themselves, speak their minds and defend their values.  I want them to be charitable and involved.  I want them to always take care of themselves and know that they are more than just a body.  I want them to learn from their mistakes.  I want them to be safe.  I want them to be healthy.  I want them to love and be loved.

Disney Princesses vs. Superheroes.  A decisive battle?  I don’t think there is a losing side to surrender or a winning side to reconsider.  The defining characteristics of the overall fight are dynamic.

What traits do Disney princesses model that I feel would help raise wonderful women?  Princesses are intelligent and thirsty for knowledge.  They are caring and kind. They are hopeful.  They are adventurous, curious free-spirits. They are brave and fierce. They are humble.

The strength of character and goodness displayed by a Disney princess makes for an admirable opponent.


Did I mention that “the fairy tale is all about the shoe in the end”?

What qualities do superheroes display that would contribute to my goal?  Perseverance!!  A strong moral code.  A fighting spirit. Courage. Motivation. Responsibility. Respect. Self-defense. Commitment. Service. Extraordinary power and ability.

These exceptionally skillful, successful heroes measure up well on the attack.


Not to mention a secret identity, superhuman senses, omnilingualism and the healing factor.  Wouldn’t that just be the catwoman’s meow?!

The results of this combat appear quite even.

I feel confident that they are benefitting from their exposure to both Disney princesses and superheroes.

Now, what about the puzzling nature of life and existence? How do I set an example to show them that the remarkable possibilities are what they themselves make?  I hope that by observing what I do, they draw conclusions about what I think is important in life.  My values…

Discipline. Spiritual strength. Respect for nature. Communication. Friendship. Imagination. Leadership. Awareness. Sportsmanship. Teamwork. Potential. Possibility. Will. Power. Determination. Family.


In the end, there is no winner.  Although the current focus for my children are Disney princesses and superheroes, this beautiful world is full of “characters” that are wonderful.  I hope to expose my daughters not only to Disney princesses and superheroes, but to real-life child visionaries, to parents who inspire, to creative professionals, to determined and motivated athletes and to family and friends that do their best everyday.


If I show them the world; wonderful women they will be.

What’s your secret to raising wonderful children?


Although this TED Talk is geared towards boys, it’s a worthy watch for all parents.  “Force, and so little yellow brick road.”

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