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It is a common sight to see new moms complaining about postpartum hair loss at a dermatologist’s clinic.Mostly, the answer to all is the same; it’s natural and cannot be entirely cured. However, if the situation gets out of hand and the hair loss keeps getting worse despite all efforts, ladies should seek places for best hair transplant.Usually, new moms can alleviate postnatal hair loss to some degree.

It results from decreased estrogen levels in the blood and the feeding of the baby. In most cases, the excessive hair loss is only temporary until the hair come back to the same state they were before pregnancy within 6-8 months of the child’s birth. However, if the hair loss still prevails, we’d suggest you see a dermatologist. Or try/apply these simple, harmless remedies to revive the volume and luscious texture of your hair:

  1. Treat the Deficiency2

More often than not, excessive hair loss results from deficiency of nutrient(s) vital to the scalp. Iron, zinc, and Vitamins top the list of such nutrients. First off, consult a doctor and figure out the lack of which nutrient is causing damage to the hair. Then, fix the problem with a regular intake of the deficient nutrient in your diet. If that alone doesn’t help considerably, get a prescription of supplements from a doctor.

2. Egg Whites

One egg white beaten into with two tablespoons of olive oil will suffice as wonderful organic protein treatments. Massage the blend into your hair and let it sit for 30 minutes, before washing off with lukewarm water. It’s a time tested method of bringing back the shine and life in dull, dry hair.

3. Curd

Along with adding at least a bowl of yoghurt a day to your diet, applying curd directly to the hair is the best conditioner your hair can benefit from. It’s a natural tonic which improves the quality of the hair and helps lessen the hair loss problem.

4. Amla or Indian Gooseberry

Amla has been used in numerous hair care products for a long time. You can add a juice or paste of amla to your diet or apply it directly to the scalp. To do the later, boil amla in oil until it turns black. Let the gist cool until it’s touchable and then massage it gently on to the scalp while it’s still a little warm. It will work wonders in relaxing your nerves as well as arresting your hair loss problems.

5. Coconut

One of the many ways to use coconut to reduce hair fall is burning its hard shell to ashes and applying them to the scalp blended in coconut (or any other) oil. The ashes together with the oil make hair stronger, less prone to breakage, darker, and shinier.

6. Dry Fruits and Flax Seeds

Flax seeds and dry fruits should become an essential part of your meals. Omega-3 in flax seeds and the useful oils in dry fruits can lead to healthier, more voluminous hair within weeks!

7. Herbal to the Rescue (Bhringraj)

Collect the leaves of the Bhringraj plant and leave them to dry. Once dried, grind them and take a spoonful every day with honey or water; or better, make a paste out of it to apply straight to the scalp. If you don’t have easy access to the plant, the dried powder and tablets containing the essence of Bhringraj are available in the market.

8. Avoid Dyes and Styling Tools

The strong chemicals in hair dyes weaken the roots of the hair just as much as the excruciating heat arising from styling tools. Avoid dying, blow drying, ironing, or curling your hair when you are already suffering from hair loss. Let your hair be as they naturally ought to be.

9. Choosing the Right Shampoo

Instead of going for the one with the flashiest packaging, read the chemicals present in a shampoo bottle. Shampoos containing Biotin have proved to lessen hair loss problems and bring back the shine of the hair.

10. Massage the Scalp

Massaging the scalp improves blood circulation, hence promoting hair growth. Make it a habit to massage your head for at least 10 minutes every day with lukewarm oil. You can skip the oil if you want but it has a really calming effect on the nerves.

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Saima Sharif is a passionate content writer. My major interest is writing content on topics such as hair fall, hair solution, home remedies for hair problems or any treatment related to this. My current adventure is myhairclinic (Pakistan Oslo and London).

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