5 Items for Helping Your Baby Sleep at Night


5 Items for Helping Your Baby Sleep at Night


Hi all! My name is Kate Trout, and I run the blog over at Maternity Glow. If you’re looking for some gear to get your baby nice and comfortable in order to get some sleep, then keep reading.

Oh, sleep. One never really thinks about what a luxury it is, until it has been robbed from you by a baby!

When your baby sleeps, you sleep. Therefore, there are several awesome items you should certainly invest in, to ensure everyone in your household (even your pets) gets some quality shut eye.

Read on to learn about some helpful, soothing items that need to make a debut in your house if your peaceful slumber has turned into a full fledged bad dream!

Portrait of a yawning baby girl


A lovey is another essential item that will help your baby sleep. Loveys come in various forms: some are little blankets, others are stuffed animals attached to a mini blanket, while some have a binky attached to a swatch of silky fabric.

The point is that a lovey helps calm your baby in a variety of ways. Plus, it makes them feel safe and secure, like someone or something else is with them in their crib when you can’t be.

Babies like to rub their lovey on their face or between their fingers. It helps them fall asleep and stay asleep in their crib or playpen.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

A salt lamp is a terrific item to put in your baby’s room. It not only pulls impurities from the air, making it moist and clean, but salt lamps can serve as a night light.

Their luminous glow can be customized to full force or just a hint. When a baby wakes up in the middle of the night and you’re nowhere to be found, it can be scary in the dark.

So, this item boasts multi-purposes and you’ll gain peace of mind knowing that your baby is breathing in pure, fresh air!

White Noise Machine

Most parents try to eliminate noise from their baby’s room. Little do they know that zero noise can be terrifying for a baby.

Why? The womb is actually a loud place. Your baby is used to hearing lots of muffled sounds. From the dog barking, to horns beeping, to the constant and strong sounding beat of your heart!

A white noise machine can help your little one feel at ease again by plying a constant, soft sound that sounds similar to static. Some white noise machines can be customized to play a heartbeat, rain sounds, running water, and even soft lullabies. I have an entire guide on white noise machines if you’re interested in learning more.

When you take away total noise from your infant’s room, you might as well kiss your own sleep goodbye!

Pima Cotton Sheets

Pima cotton is luxuriously soft. If you want your baby to fall asleep and stay sound asleep, then it may be essential that you pamper them a bit.

Soft sheets help soothe a fussy baby, and help cuddle and encompass a tired one. Remember, the higher the thread count, the finer the quality (and it is usually also more durable).

Plus, the more you wash the sheets, the softer they’ll be, and the more your little dreamer will enjoy them!

High Quality Crib Mattress

If you get a great night’s sleep, it’s probably safe to assume that you are resting on a cloud. When you have an awesome mattress, a wonderful sleep goes hand in hand. You should consider investing in a high quality crib mattress.

Look for something that is firm, yet soft. Mattresses that form to your baby’s body are ideal because they help eliminate tossing and turning, and keep your baby in place throughout the night.

There are lots of incredible organic, hypoallergenic mattresses on the market that you’ll feel great about placing your baby on. Consider passing on coils and springs, and opt for something that has a high quality filling instead.

Wrapping Up

Getting your baby to fall asleep and stay asleep should be considered an art. The five items described above are essentials for any household to have if you’ve just had a baby or are bringing one home soon!

Kate Trout is the blogger behind Maternity Glow, a blog that writes about practical pregnancy and parenting tips. You can find her on Facebook.

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