Embrace the real side of parenting with QUAKER


Embrace the real side of parenting with QUAKER


There are definitely the good days (okay, maybe combined moments) that make all of the sleepless nights, mess and chaos worth it.  Here is one that I happened to capture while making supper – I’m pretty sure Julie Andrews was singing something joyous in the background and the HILLS WERE DEFINITELY ALIVE.  Spinning happiness!img_3577

There are other moments that fake you into thinking things are just peachy; this one for example is my family on a Fall walk with the youngest bringing along his trusty (padded) hockey stick.  Moments later, he is slashing big brother with it.  I posted the peachy one, of course!img_3706

There was also that time when I was being super-mom and meal planning with the help of a few cook books and Pinterest while my sweet baby boy created exceptional playdoh masterpieces and then lost his balance, fell off of his stool at the island right next to me, and broke his wrist.  That was a REAL PARENTING MOMENT! Don’t worry – it didn’t seem to faze him; he came home from the hospital and immediately hopped on his toy and rode around our main floor like a champ. The second photo below is from a few days later.img_3781


Remember, they say (Grandma’s, mostly!) these are the best of times (even with toddlers getting into their Daddy’s hair product) #stopCOMPAREnting and embrace the real side of Parenting!






To celebrate the real side of parenting – the one we don’t always see through our social media feeds – the QUAKER brand is calling on Canadian families to join the #stopCOMPAREnting movement and embrace life outside of the square.

  • Canadian parents often compare themselves to the filtered, staged and cropped images they see in their social feed, even though these images often depict a filtered reality and not the real picture.
  • Instead of feeling inspired, these images often leave parents feeling insecure about their own parenting decisions and habits. The Quaker brand wants to help Canadian parents celebrate their confidence by showcasing the authentic, unpolished and beautiful side of parenting.

What is COMPAREnting?

“COMPAREnting” is when you compare your parenting style to other parents. This habit has been heightened with recent social media trends.  Instead of COMPAREnting, let’s embrace the real side of parenting as a community. We’re in it together, after all.

  • Parents are inundated every day with various opinions and information on what is good for their family. The less we compare ourselves to perfection and the more we celebrate reality, the more confident we’ll all be.
  • The #stopCOMPAREnting movement reminds Canadian parents to look beyond the image and celebrate the authentic, unpolished everyday moments.

Let’s get REAL

It’s time to start celebrating all the good things we do as parents & time to stop COMPAREnting ourselves to perfection seen on social media. The Quaker brand is championing the confidence of Canadian parents to remind them that they know what’s best for their own families.

  • Quaker, a brand that has been supporting families since 1902, believes that for families to be at their best, we must be confident in the choices we make.
  • Through the #stopCOMPAREnting campaign, Quaker aims to empower Canadian parents to support one another and be confident in the choices they make for their family.


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