Review: Vtech DM251-102 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor


Review: Vtech DM251-102 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor


Written by: Jenn Wint

We were given the Vtech Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor to test and on first look, I like it! It seems small, simple and unobtrusive. The set up was relatively easy and we first tested it out before our child was even born.

Our little boy, Declan arrived Dec 7. He was 12 days early so caught us a bit by surprise! We brought him home after five days and quickly got our nursery in order. I was glad we had had the chance to play with the Vtech DM251-102 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor prior to his arrival as I would not have read the instruction in such detail after minimal sleep!

The first signal we got from the monitor was a surprise but a welcome one. As we moved about the nursery getting it in order, the baby unit beeped alerting us that the nursery was 23 degrees, a bit warmer than we wanted, so we were able to adjust the temperature immediately. After a few days getting used to having our new baby home we put him down to sleep in the nursery and headed upstairs for some tea, television and adult time.  I liked that the monitor didn’t pick up every little breath but only his cries, big snuffles or louder, insistent squeals. We heard the monitor effectively over the sound of the TV and enjoyed the vibration feature as well, should we be in a louder room. We were able to use the two way voice monitor to soothe him until we got down to the nursery to find a diaper change was in order.

We are heading to my Mom’s for the holidays and I’ll be glad to take the monitor with us. I like that’s it’s small, portable and very easily installable in alternative locations. Being a new parent is exciting and scary and having reliable products to help care for our baby is making the job easier. I would recommend the Vtech Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor as a straightforward, effective monitoring solution. I look forward to using it as our baby grows and changes and no doubt the sounds and squeals coming through the parent unit get more demanding!

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