Introducing our new partner: West Edmonton Family Chiropractic Studio


Introducing our new partner: West Edmonton Family Chiropractic Studio


Hi ladies.  I am Dr. Wendy/ Wendy aka wife, mom, friend, triathlete (on hold at moment), chiropractor.  I don’t share all this to impress but to show we all juggle a lot all the time and don’t look after ourselves near as much as we should especially after baby arrives. 

I‘ll get into self-care another day.  Right now I am here to into myself.   I am imported from Guelph Ontario in 1999.  Practicing at the same practice since then.  In 2001 in I became the third owner of West Edmonton Chiropractic which has since morphed into West Edmonton Family Chiropractic Studio Why – there are several new offices on the West End that have a similar name so I was trying to minimize confusion but potentially increased it.

I became a chiropractor because of a car accident at the age of 17, I developed an injury to my spine and nerve system due to physical trauma and exacerbated it through physical, mental and nutritional stress.

I grew my passion for becoming a chiropractor as I worked with a chiropractor in Thunder Bay Ontario while I was doing my Honours Physical Education Degree at Lakehead University.  (Now known as a kinesiology degree).  I became amazed how chiropractic served infants.  I young couple had adopted a baby and knew nothing about the mom or the birth.  The baby had a misshaped head and was fussy all the time.  The chiropractor adjusted this little man daily for 2 weeks (yes even on his days off), and soon his head shape became more symmetrical, no more fussiness, better latching and one happy set of parents.  Wow!  What was this thing chiropractic and wow how it ever made a difference for this baby and this family.  A difference to the extent of which we will never know.  I knew then chiropractic was what I wanted to share with the world. 

Chiropractic is my calling, my passion.  If you see me and have a conversation I will share chiropractic it drives my husband crazy.  I will continue to share it as so many do not know what it truly is.  It is the answer to true health care.

SO I jumped a few steps and didn’t introduce more about myself and my family.  My husband Kevin and I have been married since 2004 and since our family has grown to have three amazing individuals.  Eric whom is now 10 and loves anything sports, Esprit whom is a joy and just loves on people and a bit of everything, Jamie whom is 7 and follows closely in his brothers footsteps with the exception he wants to be a builder one day and is super creative.  Together my husband and I dabble in Ironman races.  He more than I these last 2 years.  Our 10th anniversary we raced a ½ ironman in Panama City, Panama on the date of our anniversary.  So yes we like to keep moving!

So like many families we juggle a lot – the purpose to help the little people in our lives now becoming young men and women, (yes I know they are still young), to experience life, to learn to build relationships, teamwork, leadership, have a passion for something, dream, have their dreams fulfilled all the while being healthy and strong, knowing they are loved, valued and worth every second of all the effort poured in.   My children and my husband inspire me to be more, do more, live more FULL OUT to share with others and help open up others doors to their true and full potential.

Why am I here reaching out to you.  So many little people are sick and suffering quietly and families do not know about chiropractic and how it can help improve health from the inside to help little bodies function and heal.  There are so many little people in my community and children’s school with allergies, anxiety, asthma, behavioral challenges, anger, lowered immunity, you name it struggling and there is help.  As of recent, I am so heart-broken about two children taking and losing their life due to stress and interactions at school and with sport just three months apart.  Our children are calling out to us for change in health – change in care – change in direction – I hope you will follow along with me learn, ask questions, dive in deep to see there is another way for kiddo’s, families to grow healthier together.  – you can find a blog here on our site too.  Call us:    780-484-2272    Twitter: YEGChiro  Facebook: West Edmonton Family Chiropractic Studio    U-tube videos to come keep an eye out on our google page.  Google plus check out our office pics and some info there too! 





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