10 Essential Tips to Travel with a Baby


10 Essential Tips to Travel with a Baby


Written by: Sia Mohajer

Have you always wanted to travel but can’t do it because you don’t want to leave your baby behind?

The world is a vast place to explore and traveling does not have to stop just because you have a baby. Perhaps you have heard a lot of disaster stories of traveling with a baby, but it doesn’t have to be on your case. If you are planning to travel with your baby tagged along, read on these travel essential tips below to make it fun, memorable and adventurous.

  1. Rent apartment, not hotels.

It’s nice to spend in a 5-star hotel when traveling, but you don’t have to spend most of your travel expenses in hotels especially if your savings account is limited. Be wise by staying in affordable apartments. There’s no sense in paying that much in your accommodation when you would be out most of the day exploring the place. Look for budget-friendly but clean and comfortable place where you can take your rest after a day full of fun activities with your little ones.


  1. Create a play space.

Some babies would have a hard time adjusting to the new environment so they would tend up to get cranky or not cooperative. To somehow create a homey atmosphere, set up a play space on where you are staying. Bring some of their favorite toys along and fill up his play space with these toys. Not only will they be reminded of home, they would also be occupied with their games that you can have some little time on your own planning your next itinerary or activity.


  1. Bring more clothes.

It’s always better to be prepared at all times. As babies will have lots of unexpected moments like they would end up throwing up, getting dirt on their shirt, pooping in the middle of lunch, it is a must that you pack more than enough clothes. You don’t want to end up having them wear their dirty clothes again just because you don’t have any extra shirt left.

In packing clothes though, make sure that you pack light and easy to wear clothes.


  1. Stick to the routine.

Just because you’re traveling does not mean that you would have to break the routines that you have set up and followed for so long.

If your bedtime routine at home includes a sponge bath, singing of lullabies and a bottle of milk, do that same routine when you’re putting your baby to bed.

Sticking to the routine would remind your babies of home.


  1. Don’t keep snacks in the cup holder.

Food must be one of the most important factors that you have to consider when traveling with a baby. Though it may sound easier to just rely on commercially packed food or the ones in cup, preparing healthy food for your baby when traveling is a lot easier than you think.

You should plan the food that you will bring ahead and consider the length of your travel. Fruits and vegetables are the go-to since they are readily available and easy to pack. Plus, they are healthy and nutritious.


  1. Get a bathtub

Most of the places that you will stay when traveling don’t provide a safe bath for the baby. Most babies would not be comfortable with showers so it is a must that you bring your own bathtub. The inflatable ones are perfect as this does not take up too much space. They are also easy to blow up and deflate.  Having your own bathtub is certainly worth it.


  1. Rent a car

It would be hard to take public transportation when you’re traveling with your little one.  Look for affordable rent a car services instead. You can go to any places you want at anytime. You can easily pull over if your baby needs some diaper changing or go to a quick mini-stop when you have ran out of necessities like baby wipes, diapers and the like.


  1. Go for a scenic drive

Your baby would certainly love the majestic views of mountains or the refreshing smell of the ocean. Scout the area for scenic places. A breath of fresh air will not only do you some good, it would certainly be beneficial to your baby. To be able to enjoy the place with ease, choose some reliable baby carriers. You can effortlessly take a picture of that scenic view with your baby being worn.


  1. Nurse wherever you feel comfortable

A lot of nursing moms have endured the judgmental stares of people when they are nursing in public. Though there are still some cultures where they do not accept breastfeeding in public, you don’t have to let your baby the victim of this practice.

Nursing is one of their most primary needs and when hunger strikes, nurse them immediately, no matter where you are. Look for a peaceful place where you can sit comfortably and have your baby nurse.

A hungry baby will be grumpy and cranky the whole time that you’re traveling. I’m sure that nobody wants that.


  1. Don’t bring too many diapers

Pack smartly by making sure that you’re bringing only the essentials. Though diapers are a must, don’t fill your luggage with just diapers. There are a lot of convenient stores that you can find where you can always buy when you ran out of diapers.


Now that you have read the tips on how to travel successfully with a baby, go ahead and book your next vacation with your little one. It would be a fun and memorable experience for the both of you.

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  1. Hannah Tong says:

    I really enjoyed these 10 tips. It is useful for those who like to travel. Thanks for your sharing. I will return to this blog again.

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