11 clever toy storage ideas for living room


11 clever toy storage ideas for living room


Written by: Aruna Chowdhury

Keeping order in a house with children seems almost mission impossible. Toys and more toys invade the living room, the kitchen, and especially your room. Keeping order is fundamental to our mental well-being, but also to the education of children.

Today, we bring you up to Deco Sphere 11 clever toy storage ideas for living room in an original way. Ideas for each toy to be in place and for the little ones in the house to know that each toy or each book have a place to be stored.

A bed with drawers

The spaces under the bed, if not used for something else, only serve to accumulate dust and slippers. That is why, whenever you can, you should try to take advantage of the bottom of the bed to have drawers in which to store things like children’s toys.

The recurring baskets

There are toy storage ideas that never go out of style, although we can always adapt them to the environment of each space. For example, there is a multitude of shapes and color variants of the ever recurring baskets to store toys when they are not used.

And if, in addition we can take shelves and cabinets to store them, that’s better than better. Particularly, I like closed baskets like the ones we see in the picture because they give an image of order to not see the interior.

Trunks for keeping secrets

Baubles are another great classics for keeping children’s toys. The trunks have that part of the mystery to know what is inside. In fact, I remember when I was a kid, I loved going to other children’s houses, opening the trunk of the shift, and discovering the toys inside. And besides, you close it, and everything is perfectly hidden inside. 

A bench full of drawers

If you have enough space in the child’s room, a good toy storage idea is to line one or two walls with a bench with drawers on the bottom to collect the toys. At the bench, the child can play, and besides, space is not eaten as much as if we put a cupboard.

Shelf-shaped casitas

I love the little houses. No matter how they are- in candle holders, in small decorative details, or forming shelves like the one we are seeing. They have a lovely Nordic touch that I like. And besides, in the children’s room, besides giving it a different air when the typical modules cannot, it allows us to have the toys placed in view. 

A shelf shaped like a tree

What is said ability, because the truth is that this shelf in the shape of a tree, there is not too much? But to decorate the children’s room in a different way, and place it their favorite stories, and some stuffed, well worth it. 

Keeping toys under the table

A game table is always practical for children to play or paint on. But if it also comes equipped with drawers or trunks to store the toys of the children, what more could you ask for?

A playhouse in the heights

To do something like this, it is clear that it is necessary to have a house with very high ceilings. But without a doubt, a little house is the place of play that many children would want to have. You can store toys inside, and also put some shelves or cupboard in the bottom to take advantage of the space. 

Shelves for sorting toys

Another good toy storage idea is to install a piece of furniture on one of the walls, with different departments to store the different types of toys in baskets: dolls, cars, books, stuffed animals … Each one with its label, so that the children know at all times in what compartment is the toy they are looking for. 

A toy kitchen to store toys

Sometimes a toy can also be used to store more toys inside. In this case, this retro kitchen with lots of cabinets can serve to store the toys of the kitchen itself, but also anther type of toys.

A cardboard house

This toy storage idea is so much for the children to play, as to have ordered the toys. It is a cardboard box available in brown or white, and that its manufacturers send you home disassembled in 13 pieces easy to assemble.

However, your child’s room may be the messiest place of your house. Choose any of these toy storage ideas and make your child in the process of cleaning up the mess.

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