5 Benefits of Growing Up With a Pet


5 Benefits of Growing Up With a Pet


Written by: @GabDiesendorf

We all know who man’s best friend is. If your family doesn’t have a furry four-legged member, head straight to the nearest shelter and adopt (don’t buy!) because it can only have a positive outcome. First, you’ll save a dear creature from the cage and loveless life no one deserves, and second, the kids will LOVE having a pooch. But even though dogs are fun and amazing, they do many great things for the youngsters you may not be aware of.

Here are only some of the benefits of a childhood with a pet:

Improved health

Since kids are prone to all kinds of common, everyday diseases, boosting their immunity should be a priority. Now, although dogs ARE clean (except those muddy episodes), they do tend to bring in all kinds of bacteria from the outside on their paws and fur. This shouldn’t concern you; you should be happy about it! By playing with a dog, your kids will develop a better immune system, which will prevent illnesses and enhance their health. So, let the dog lick their faces, it’s fun and it turns out to be healthy, as well.

Embracing responsibility

Once you teach your kids that having a dog isn’t only about playing with him, but comes in a package with some other things, they’ll develop a sense of responsibility from an early age, and it’s a great way of shaping a good personality. Even the youngest kids can feed the dog, or pour fresh water in his bowl, while you can let the older ones do even more, like walking or grooming him. With your help, they can even buy dog supplies online, such as food, clothes, or toys.

Learning about kindness

In families where there is an only child, or siblings that don’t get along so well, adopting a dog can do wonders. Playing and cuddling with them is scientifically proven to have calming effects. Also, when the youngest realize that they need to take care of a creature, it teaches them how to be kind and gentle. They wouldn’t hurt the dog, so they won’t hurt each other, their peers, or anyone else. With kindness comes empathy, and all of this together makes for better and stronger ties among family members. You can be sure that growing up with a dog will prevent your kids from becoming bullies in school, and later in life, since bullies are what they are due to the lack of empathy. They surely had a sad, dogless childhood.


If you’re noticing that your child is shy with other kids and adults, that’s just another reason to get a pooch. According to research, introverted kids open up more easily with animals, especially dogs. Why is that? Well, because dogs don’t laugh, mock, judge, or bully. All they do is love unconditionally. And drool. Spending time with a dog, your kid will surely become more confident and open for spending time with friends.

Getting active

Since we’re living in an age of all kinds of gadgets, kids seem to lack the wish to go out, play, get dirty, and enjoy childhood. However, with a dog, they will have to get active, even if it’s just to walk the dog around the block. This way, it won’t look like they HAVE to do it; they’ll embrace it as a fun, happy activity with their furry best buddy.

As you can see, getting a dog as a new family member is by no means only fun, cuddling, and dirty paws. Kids who grow up with a pet almost always have a more quality childhood, and become kind, healthy people.

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