The startling reasons why your child should have a tech-free bedroom


The startling reasons why your child should have a tech-free bedroom


The time when we would put our kids to sleep and have our mind be more at ease are long past. These days, we have to deal with the 24/7 activity of the online world and its dangers which our kids can find themselves in, even during bedtime.

Gadgets in your kids’ rooms during bedtime create significant problems. Serious consequences of screen time during bedtime include sleep deprivation. Experts have stated how “inadequate sleep causes everyone, including children, to be biased towards seeing the world in a more negative light and less in a positive one.”

A negative outlook on the world can lead your kids to suffer from mood swings or even worse, anxiety. The latter can result in more serious issues. “Children who don’t get enough sleep at night, are more likely to be overactive and noncompliant as well as being more withdrawn and anxious.” At this point in their lives, children should be carefree and engaging with those around them.

Besides the emotional problems, sleep deprivation will make it more difficult for your kids to solve problems. There is the added risk of your kids having academic problems that could have been avoided. Moreover, having  kids play with gadgets during bedtime means they are enjoying unsupervised online time.

Accordingly, they have the chance to get carried away spending your money on in-app purchases while playing video games. They can send media and other information that is private or worse, risk getting close to an online predator.

Gadgets are powerful babysitters which help in getting our kids to stay quiet, especially when we are too tired or busy to interact. Still, the risks and the consequences of allowing gadgets in your kids’ bedrooms are too significant to be ignored.

These issues should be addressed before your kids start to suffer physically, emotionally and mentally from too much screen time. The following infographic will show you exactly what gadgets at night can do to your kids:

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