Love Child Organics Review


Love Child Organics Review


Love Child Organics instant organic baby cereals, made with the goodness of healthy whole grains and one of their favourite superfoods, the mighty chia. With simple, nutrient-rich ingredients and fortified with iron and B vitamins, you and your baby are going to love them. Add a squeeze from one of their purees for even more goodness and flavour!

Starting Avery on solids was an exciting yet scary feeling. My baby is now eating real food?! It feels like it was just yesterday we were bringing this little newborn home. I also felt like I was losing control in the sense I wouldn’t be able to monitor everything she ate and whether it was healthy enough or filled with added sugars or preservatives etc. When I first read up on Love Child Organics, I was sold! This was a parent-founded company using organic, non GMO, ingredients (found locally) and it was Canadian!! What was there not to love? 

We started on the Buckwheat and Chia infant cereal. I felt so comfortable giving this to Avery as she was now getting all the nutrients she needed. The packs of fruit were also amazing! It was such a great way to slowly introduce fruits and veggies to her. So easy and convenient, these packs were a huge win for me as I didn’t have time to make all of her food from scratch, being a working mom, but felt so confident feeding her Love Child Organics knowing the packaging was safe and BPA free and understanding the all organic ingredient list. I tried everything before giving it to her and I thought it all tasted delicious! I definitely had no problem helping her finish off the fruit packs if we didn’t get through it in a day. She loved when I mixed the Buckwheat and Chia cereal with a splash of a fruit. We started off with apple and then tried the mango in our first week. Huge hit!

The fact Love Child Organics gives back is an added bonus to me. I was sold on this company from the start and learning about their charity that they give back to made Love Child Organics our go-to for Avery’s food! Healthy, organic, affordable, and Canadian, we are so happy we started solids with this company and will continue using them for a long time to come!!! 

Kaitlyn Leeb, #MomSquad

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