Quick Tips When Buying Your First Jogging Stroller


Quick Tips When Buying Your First Jogging Stroller


Written by: Danny Sattar

By purchasing a jogging stroller that is safe and comfortable for your precious passenger, this will let the both of you enjoy the outdoors with all the activities, while still meeting your fitness goals.

But how does one find the best jogging stroller suited for your family?  By making sure that the design and engineering of the stroller is a perfect option for the serious and casual runner alike.  Ideally the handlebar should be adjustable to fit the size of varying heights of the runner using it.  An adjustable suspension with sturdy construction made from durable materials which will enable the jogger to go anywhere any place any time, all terrain, whilst also giving your passenger a  safe and comfortable  ride.

Make sure that the harness is a minimum of a five pointer, see that the canopy that shades your passenger from the sun is also wide brimmed and above all that the seating is comfortable so that when rough terrain is tackled that the most comfort can be enjoyed by your passenger, nothing worse than getting half way through a jogging routine and the little one is not happy and literally lets you know it!  A smooth ride makes a happy passenger. Furthermore a five pointer harness can literally save your baby’s life.

If you can possibly purchase a jogging stroller with 12 inch air cushioned wheels, a model that has a shock absorbing suspension,  a model that has a front wheel that will lock firmly into place for the long straight routes.  Make sure that the seating is higher for better viewing and also check for a running leash so if you should take a tumble the stroller does not get too far from you.  Music for the baby will also help to keep them busy so be on the lookout for a portable speaker that can play music for both the parent as well as the little one.   A storage basket is also a definite must as an infant can become fractious at best when hungry or thirsty and of course if the little one is in need of a diaper change, then all you will need can be safely and securely stored in the basket. 

Performance and engineering are a must in a jogging stroller, an aluminum frame and spring suspension and a light weight one at that, are some of the few features you will require when making your choice. Budget is also of course paramount, so ask yourself how often per week you will be using the stroller, what type of terrain you will be jogging, whether you are jogging mostly on concrete or on dirt trails that can be very bumpy.  Jogging up and down hills, should the stroller have any storage, and of course where you will be storing the stroller at home. 

Once you have the answer to these questions you will find it easier to know which features you are looking at and getting the most of.  Narrowing down your choices makes the decision a little easier?  We all want the safest most comfortable ride for our children, so quality in a stroller incorporates all the needs and satisfy both the jogger (parent) and the children.   

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