Top 5 Birthday Presents


Top 5 Birthday Presents


Written by: @GabDiesendorf

The happiest day of the year for most kids is their birthday, perhaps only with the exception of Christmas. Starting from the moment they wake up, they know the day is all about them, filled with laughter, games with friends at the party, cake, delicious snacks, and the best part – presents. Now, all parents wish to give their kids the best possible present they can think of. Sometimes they can afford it, sometimes not. But, nevertheless, moms and dads try to make their kids as happy as they can with special gifts that the little ones will surely like and enjoy. For those who aren’t sure what kids are enjoying these days, or simply for those who can’t decide, here are several popular and interesting presents for all the birthday boys and girls out there.


Although dollhouses are traditionally toys for girls, nowadays there are literally hundreds of models on the market suited for all of them. You can choose among all kinds of different designs and types, from royal castles to farmhouses, in various colors and shapes. Some of them come with pieces for more building, such as another room, while most of them have additional pieces, like chairs, beds, shelves, and other house items for the kids to practice their imagination and coordination.

Light projectors

Again, this one works for both boys and girls. Everybody likes a fun room! You can find several types of these projectors, but the most wanted are night sky projectors, with stars that pretty much accurately represent constellations, and rainbow projectors, along which the youngest can learn about the color spectrum. A device projecting the night sky is ideal for bedtime, since it can work as a lamp, too. A rainbow projector can be used during playtime or learning periods to make this oh-so-tough time a bit more colorful and easier.


In the recent years, teepees have become immensely popular with young children. These tents make kids feel like they have a magical place of imagination, something like a special castle of imagination. Cattywampus offers high-quality teepees with soft cotton sides, wooden poles, cute windows, and rubber on its bottom that prevents slipping. These interesting creations come in all kinds of colors and decorations, for both boys and girls, to fit every home décor and room design.

Lego sets

Now, you simply can’t go wrong with some good old LEGO. The incredible diversity of sets guarantees that every kid will find something special that will keep them busy and intrigued. These toys also develop creativity, intelligence, and allow kids to experiment with shapes and colors. Some of the popular choices this season are towns, houses and castles, stores, police stations, and various other buildings. Boys will probably be thrilled with sets for building pirate boats, sports cars or railroads, while you can also opt for ones that include your kid’s favorite superheroes and characters.

Kinetic sand

For all the little scientists and explorers, kinetic sand is a great choice for a birthday present. The market offers all kinds of models, but essentially the idea is the same: as it is composed of real sand and non-toxic polymer, it can be molded, cut, and played with in many different ways. Since it keeps the shape you make, it resembles modeling clay or play dough, but its shape is also very easy to change. Some of them come with anatomically correct dinosaur bones, which parents can place under the sand and let the youngest play archaeologists, learning, discovering, and having fun, all at the same time.

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