One of the Biggest Moon Walking Bears that is Getting Missed Leading to “The Perfect Storm” or Health Crisis


One of the Biggest Moon Walking Bears that is Getting Missed Leading to “The Perfect Storm” or Health Crisis


95 % of babes are born with an upper neck injury of some sort.  It is defined as Kiss.  Kinematic dysfunction in a joint or segments affecting the neurology and function.  This stat is even higher in babies that are born c-section, with traction, forceps, vacuum, superfast or long labours.

After a baby’s delivery an MD, OB, Doula, Midwife is not looking for this.  It is subtle but manifests into an array of health conditions.  It manifests and causes one area of baby’s nerve system to mature faster than the other – more often than not the gas pedal is stuck in the on position and otherwise known as the fight or flight or more technically sympathetic branch.  Some babies have the brakes stuck on and we see this in little ones with the diagnosis fail to thrive.  They have the parasympathetic in overdrive.  The other branch is not maturing as quickly or efficiently.

This subtle interference/roadblock/subluxation limits potential of the baby’s ability to lay down cells in an organized fashion and grow and develop balanced systems reflexes, proper sequencing of development and nerve pathways.  Reread this.  What does this mean to you?

Your baby is growing at such a rate that every minute they develop and grow nerve pathways at a greater rate and amount than you or I in an entire day.

By the age of 1 baby has their brain grow 65% of its capacity.  Do you want anything blocking its ability to grow, develop, and communicate with the body in any way?  NO absolutely not.

The role of a pediatric chiropractor is to detect and remove this interference.  If left the body develops signals or symptoms or conditions if you will.  If left and not removed at key ages by 7 or 12 the condition develops into chronic health patterns.

It starts with not latching as the vagus nerve is having its signals blocked.  It then progresses to reflux if it has not already started.  It impacts the phrenic nerve – too contributing to reflux and/or frequent hiccups.  The symptoms can be self-limiting, (disappear at 2-3 months), but the cause can remain and manifest into something else like constipation, colic, gas, hating tummy time, hating being on their back, fussy baby, not sleeping, high frequency of nursing.  They too can hold their body tight, not turning their head.  For some babes it manifests into torticollis.  So as I write this the torticollis is a result of an underlying neurological blockage. The torticollis is not the main cause.   If you stretch massage do exercises to get rid of the torticollis this is a good thing – absolutely – but more often than not then neurological interference remains going unnoticed manifesting into something else.  A symptom tells us there is an underlying cause – we need to address the cause not the symptom.

When neurological interference remains over time a chronic neurological pattern can develop – allergies, eczema, digestive conditions, immune weakness, asthma, and then the Perfect Storm – OCD, Sensory Processing, ADHD, and Autism and Asperger’s.

You say what how did you skip from this to that?   What do most babies receive to treat so many of the above conditions?   They consume things that are toxic to their bodies that builds up a toxic environment on their inside.

On top of this are mom and dad happy and relaxed as babe is journeying through all of these.  Colic for 3-4 hours a night inconsolable crying?  How relaxed are you and Dad and the other kiddos in the house.  What is the emotional stress tied into this? The short tempers the lack of sleep?  Not intentionally – but it’s there.   How is your health Om?  Dads? You’re other children with this stress going on?  What goes undetected?

More and more research too is evolving or coming out showing us that the stress of mom during pregnancy can actually start this whole process as baby then is born in a fight or flight/sympathetic state.  On high alert, ultra-sensitive to their environment, not adapting and responding in a healthy way, and more prone to all the descriptors above.

The loss of a job, a loved one, and changing body, multiple kids, marriage or financial issues accumulate – the fear of the pregnancy brought on by reading books that tell you everything that can go wrong in pregnancy vs reading those that tell you how natural pregnancy and delivery is and how amazing it should be.  Which one were you? Were you anxious/nervous/worried?  Did you have trust in the process that you and your baby new exactly what to do?

The key causes physical, mental, emotional, toxic stresses to the system that the body can’t keep up with and adapt to in a health manner.  Get baby checked as soon as you can after they are born to make sure there are no roadblocks/ no interference.

I can keep going – but you probably feel overwhelmed confused and have more questions than not.  See below for more information.

On March 16 at 6:15 at my office I am going to go more into the science of this – the ingredients of “The Perfect Storm.”  How it unfolds right in front of us and yet it is not seen.  Call us to reserve your spot!

Too I will continue to post on our website @ providing information about this and many more different conditions that develop and what chiropractic does to help baby grow and develop to their greatest potential.  I too will discuss how to help mom recover from pregnancy successfully to encourage synergy in a family moving forward!   Twitter YEGChiro

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