Join the Mommy Connections Dream Team


Join the Mommy Connections Dream Team


Mommy Connections is expanding! With over 25 locations across Canada, Mommy Connections is the leading provider of programming for new moms in Canada. We are currently seeking well-connected, driven women who are interested in owning and operating their own Mommy Connections location in a number of cities and provinces across Canada.

What is Mommy Connections?

In late 2009, when new mother Carol McBee was unable to secure a spot in the new moms’ program led by her local health unit, she knew she had to do something. She saw a clear need for community-oriented postnatal programs for new mothers, and so her business, Mommy Connections, was born. What began as one 8-week session in an Edmonton church basement, has now become a national company with skillfully crafted prenatal and postnatal programs, workshops and events for families across Canada.

Mommy Connections’ mission is to connect moms to one another and to the resources and programs available within their communities. Mommy Connections today offers three signature programs:

Our prenatal education programs are taught by local experts and aim to educate and empower families in an interactive and social setting.

Our Mom & Baby Programs are designed for moms and their babies under 12 months. The same group of women will meet for 90 minutes, once a week for 8 weeks at a time. Each class features plenty of time to socialize as well as an expert speaker or activity for mom and baby, such as Infant Sleep, Kindermusik, Mom and Baby Fitness and more!

Our Mom & Tot Program is perfect for moms (or dads) and their toddlers 1 – 3 years. Each week the group tries a different activity specifically for toddlers, including art, music, dance, soccer and more! While our Mom & Tot Programs are busy and fun for the kids, our focus remains on connecting moms to one another.

Become a Mommy Connections Director

Are you looking for a way to stay home with your children while earning money at the same time? Becoming a Mommy Connections Director will enable you to work from home with your children, and because our programs and events are for families, you will be able to bring your children along to your classes. While some Directors do have other jobs outside of Mommy Connections, it is encouraged to make Mommy Connections your focus.

Each Mommy Connections Territory is individually owned and operated by a dynamic local mom. Because Mommy Connections is a licensed business, when an individual decides to become a Director, to own a territory, she is given all the tools necessary to begin offering programs and events in her area. She has a large team of women across Canada from Alberta to Newfoundland to support her.

Directors pay an annual licensing fee based on the population of their territory. There are no additional fees or royalties once that licensing fee has been paid. Mommy Connections provides the framework, training and support needed to get your programs up and running!

Mommy Connections locations are divided into territories based on city limits and populations. Large cities are often split up into smaller territories and small cities are often combined with other smaller cities or towns nearby. If you live in an area that does not have a Mommy Connections location, that likely means there is a license available in that area. We require a minimum population of 25,000 for an area to be considered a territory.

Every Mommy Connections location offers Mom & Baby and Mom & Tot Programs suited to the personality of the Director and the community at large. We are always open to adding new and exciting programs and events to our repertoire, so creative minds are welcomed.

How Do Our Directors Make Money?

Weekly Programs

Directors run weekly 6 and 8–week programs and set the costs of their own programs based on a variety of factors. However, most charge $100 – $140 per session and Directors run as many as 6 – 24 sessions each year with 10 – 20 moms in each session.


National and local businesses pay to advertise through local Mommy Connections Chapters through website advertising, newsletter sponsorship, reviews and more.


Some Directors also choose to run events that they charge for, i.e. CPR classes, Just for Mom events, tradeshows, etc.

Director Q + A

Choosing to start a business is a big decision! To give potential Directors a real look at what being a Mommy Connections Director entails, we asked a few of our Directors some personal questions:

Why did you decide to become a Mommy Connections Director?

“I was looking for something I could do from home with my girls. I liked that I was able to bring my children to the programs. I didn’t have to send them to daycare.” Jennie Vessey, Mommy Connections Saskatoon Director and mother of two
“I was looking for something I could be passionate about and believe in, something that made me feel confident stepping away from my career as a teacher. I wanted to focus on raising my kids while still contributing financially to my household.” Jaclyn Roach, Mommy Connections Regina Director and mother of one, almost two

“I was looking for a way to prevent postpartum depression in the community. I thought the best way would be to foster supportive relationships between moms” Kayla Barbour, Mommy Connections St. John’s Director and mother of one

“I wanted to bring new moms together in our community and have the ability to stay home with my three little ones. I love helping and connecting  new moms.” Rebecca Doherty, Mommy Connections Halton Hills and mother of three

“I didn’t want to leave my little guy’s side, so after researching many opportunities, I saw Mommy Connections would be the best fit. When the opportunity finally came I jumped on it!” Karli Wright, Mommy Connections South Edmonton and mother of one

How has Mommy Connections changed your life?

“I get to work close to home and I don’t have to report to an office for 10 hours a day! Commuting is not my thing. I love that people look to me as their resource for everything baby and beyond.” Jennifer Cole, Mommy Connections Sherwood Park & Fort Saskatchewan Director and mother of three

“It has allowed me to be at home with my kids and bring them to work with me. It has also connected me with a great network and community of local moms.” Jennie Vessey, Mommy Connections Saskatoon Director and mother of two

“I have been a Mommy Connections Director for almost four years. And two years ago, my business became successful enough that I was able to give up my career as a high school teacher and be home with my children. Mommy Connections has given me so much. I’m my own boss. I set my own schedule. And best of all, I am the one who takes care of our children. The connections and relationships I’ve made with other local entrepreneurs, businesses and moms are invaluable. I love what I do!” Chelsey Borys, Mommy Connections North Edmonton & St. Albert Director and mother of two

“Mommy Connections has allowed my family and I some amazing extra income to travel, save, pay off debt, meet new people, meet new business owners and really believe in what service we provide!” Ally Kothari, Teacher & Mommy Connections West Edmonton Director and mother of two

“After 5 years with the company I am still more successful with each year passing than the previous. I am making as much money as I would outside of the home and I have spent my child’s early years right by his side. Plus I have gotten to know some of the best people along the way!” Karli Wright, Mommy Connections South Edmonton Director and mother of one

Do You Have What It Takes?

Embarking on a new venture takes guts! We will be there to support you every step of the way, but want you to know what to expect before making that decision.

Our Directors are enthusiastic, energetic and dynamic. Being familiar with and active on social media – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – is essential. Successful Directors are highly active and well-connected in the community; they are self-motivated and confident.

Owning a Mommy Connections location means you are the sole person responsible for that business. While head office takes care of setting up your website and providing you with logos and training, you are responsible for planning and facilitating your programs and events, which requires building relationships with other local businesses. You will be in charge of your own website – blogging, advertising and registration- as well as your own email account and social media.

If you are interested in learning more about starting your own Mommy Connections Chapter visit

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