Review: Ombrelle Sunscreen


Review: Ombrelle Sunscreen


Ombrelle from Garnier was launched in 1990 with the assistance of Canadian dermatologists. Ombrelle has since dedicated itself to offer state-of-the-art sun care technologies in Canada.

Discover Ombrelle’s non-greasy and fast absorbing sun care formulas that provide broad spectrum photostable protection against UVA and UVB rays. Ombrelle sunscreen feature’s its patented Mexoryl technology and the #1 recommended filter by Canadian Dermatologists. The Ombrelle Face line is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic formulas specifically formulated for delicate facial skin with conditioning vitamins E & B.

Ombrelle also has Ombrelle Kids, which is perfect for their sensitive skin and a Sport line for the active lifestyle. Stay protected with Ombrelle!

Ombrelle®’s patented filtering system with Mexoryl® technology and other sunscreen filters provides effective broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection to help prevent sunburn.

The Ombrelle Sunscreen is available in the strengths of SPF 15 standard lotion, SPF 30 kids standard lotion, standard lotion, sport spray lotion and clear sport gel, the SPF 50 ultralight adv body cream and SPF 60 XL face cream.

Here are some great Sunscreen Facts:

  1. Your skin is equally impacted on an overcast day as on a bright one (70% of UV rays penetrate through clouds)
  2. All skin tones are affected by UV rays, so even if you are darker skinned and ‘don’t burn’, you need sunscreen.  Effects can be immediate (like a burn) or long term
  3. Higher SPF doesn’t mean more protection. SPF indicates UVB ray protection, not UVA rays which may cause Cancer or skin aging. Look for UVA + UVB protection when buying sunscreen
  4. Sunscreen only protects for about 2 hours – after that, you need to re-apply
  5. Think about also adding protective clothing, sunglasses and hats for optimum protection (see photo of my boys all covered up below!)
  6. UV rays can be reflected off of water, sand, snow or even concrete
  7. Think about using water resistant sunscreen in the pool, lake or ocean. The sun can penetrate 30m of water
  8. You need at least 2 Tbsp of sunscreen to cover your entire body, or about the size of a golf ball
  9. Don’t forget those tricky spots like your lips, hairline, ears, top of your feet and your nose

We love using Ombrelle in our family.  It doesn’t clog your pores or make you feel greasy. It has a nice mild smell to it as well.  The 120mL bottles are perfect for your purse, diaper bag or sporting bag to ensure you always have it when you need it.  It of course gives you spectrum protection, which means it has both UVA and UVB protection, as mentioned above.


You can easily purchase Ombrelle through our friends at Canadian Pharmacy World.  Just log in, order, and the sunscreen (or any other medications, you might need) will be shipped directly to you.  It is easy and quick and they are a fully accredited Canadian online pharmacy.


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