5 Key Benefits of Early Childhood Education


5 Key Benefits of Early Childhood Education


Written by: @GabDiesendorf

It is a well-known truth that children learn from the very beginning. First they learn the basics, like recognizing people and places, and then they move on to acquiring the language, expanding their vocabulary, learning basic math, and many other things, depending on their individual interests and abilities.

There is a clash of opinions, however, when it comes to preschool education. Some parents believe that it is essential, while the others argue that kids should be kids, left to play and enjoy their lives until kindergarten and school, which is there to teach them all they need to know.

However, the fact remains that ECE (Early Childhood Education) is important, or better yet crucial for the development of children. Here are some of the reasons why:

Social skills

When a child is actively learning in the pre-preschool period, they develop numerous skills essential for the childhood years to come. Social skills are probably the most important ones. Therefore, it’s important that the ECE isn’t done by forcing a child to sit and study all day, but the role of the parent or another educator is only to stimulate them in a right way. It was shown that kids learn best with their peers, sharing what they know with each other and finding the answers to new things together, through playing and having fun. This way, kids will not see learning as something they have to do, but rather as discovering interesting things with other children.

Developing cognitive abilities

Naturally, a child who learns in a friendly, familiar, and stimulating area will develop immense cognitive abilities. A good example to illustrate this are the bilingual children. They are the ones who are naturally exposed to two languages which they acquire simultaneously; this is known to actually enlarge some parts of the brain.

Learning to learn

Children who have the freedom to explore, but are at the same time guided by parents or qualified teachers will learn an important technique: how to learn. Some older generations who were perhaps even forced to go to school with large study groups are known to associate learning and studying with an obligation, a boring and dull activity. However, when a child learns through exploring and other stimulating activities, they will continue to learn more easily and eagerly, knowing it’s not just something they have to do because an adult said so.

Individual approach

There is yet another benefit of ECE, which is the modern approach. If the child is educated at home, it will naturally have all the attention and assistance from a parent, and these situations aren’t debatable. However, what’s new in the organized ECE is the individual approach even in daycares. Nowadays, institutions such as child care centres in Brisbane specialize in this approach with trained, knowledgeable, and patient teachers who work with small groups of children, paying enough attention to each and every one of them. This system allows the children to develop and learn both as individuals and with peers, where differences are accepted, respected, and celebrated.


Last but not least, ECE and the personal aspect it offers and promotes help the kids with learning to discover and express their creativity through various art projects. This, as well, contributes to a successful continuation of education when they get older.

As you can see, early childhood education is extremely important for the regular development of a child. Kids who start learning at an early age acquire cognitive and social skills, and the individual approach allows them to express their creativity, as well as perform better later in school.

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