Why Every Child Must Experience An Amazing Family Road Trip At Least Once


Why Every Child Must Experience An Amazing Family Road Trip At Least Once



Written by: Katica Maric

If you want to experience Canadian beauty at its finest nothing beats a family road trip. Routes including the Trans-Canada Highway will give any famous American one a run for their money. Yet somehow they’ve become a lot less popular as years have gone by.

It’s a shame because your children are missing out on beauty they don’t have to fly half way around the world to see. There must be a reason why they’re no longer fashionable.

Let’s look at why we’ve seen a decline and the reasons why you should still consider one.

  • There Are Faster Ways To Travel
  • Gas Prices Aren’t Exactly Cheap
  • Safety Comes Into The Equation

There Are Faster Ways To Travel

It’s around 4,500 kilometers to travel from Toronto to Vancouver. When driving non-stop for 12 hours per day would still take around half a week to get there, but that isn’t taking into account all the stops.

When you jump on an airplane it will take roughly 5 hours. If your family is only interested in reaching the opposite coast while missing out on the very essence of a road trip it doesn’t make sense to drive.

Petrol Prices Aren’t Exactly Cheap

Gas prices in the middle of Vancouver are hitting over $1.40 per litre right now. They’re lower outside metro areas, but the US economy is driving prices up. You’ll already need to spend lots of money on your children.

Do you want to spend so much more on gas considering the distances between Canadian places of interest? If you learned how to conserve your petrol when driving it would make a tremendous difference.

Safety Comes Into The Equation

When you have children safety becomes a lot more important. You might feel unsure about driving such long distances because you’ve never experienced it before, which is mostly just all in your head.

What if you break down in the middle of nowhere because your vehicle packs in? Although it’s obvious you’ll be found unless you’re way off the beaten track, it’s worse when you have restless kids with you.

The Magic Of Family Road Trips

It might not be the first thing you’ll think about before planning your next vacation, but there are a few benefits you won’t be able to get anywhere else. Let’s look at why every family should consider going on a road trip.

1 – You’ll Bond More As A Family

2 – It’s Easy To Change Itinerary

3 – Experiences Help Kids Grow

1 – You’ll Bond More As A Family

When you’re out on the open road it’s easy to see why you would bond more as a family. You’ll be spending a lot more time with each other in a confined space. It will probably be the longest you’ve spent together in years.

It’s not the same when you travel to Mexico and your kids spend half their day in the swimming pool. This bond you’ll build up isn’t limited to the road trip itself. It will help make your family closer afterwards too.

2 – It’s Easy To Change Itinerary

There isn’t much you can do when you’re sitting at the airport waiting to board the plane. You’ll either have to get on or your vacation will be over. It’s difficult to change hotel bookings after they’re made too.

Once out on the open road there is nobody stopping you from changing your mind at any moment. You’ll be in complete control for the entire journey. If you see something you like your plans can change in an instant.

3 – Experiences Help Kids Grow

I’m sure you want the best for your child, which means giving them the opportunity to test out new experiences. There is nothing wrong with flying somewhere on vacation as long as it’s not all you do.

Your children will learn so many new things when they’re in the middle of a road trip. They’ll grow as humans, plus the memories from an exciting journey can last someone a lifetime.

The Only Things You Need To Know

If you want to make your road trip even better there are a few things you should know. It’s always essential to prepare ways to keep your kids entertained to prevent them from getting bored before the next stop.

Make sure you let them out to stretch their legs a lot too, because spending hours in a small vehicle isn’t fun. Lastly, if they’re old enough you should let them help plan the trip so they’re even more excited about it.

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