A Step-By-Step Guide To Moving With Kids And Pets


A Step-By-Step Guide To Moving With Kids And Pets


Written by: Matt Adams

Moving into a new home can be an exciting but stressful time. You’re probably excited about the possibilities your new house will offer, but also stressed about the process of getting your belongings moved. There are added concerns, however, if you have kids and pets. You might be looking forward to the new start your new home represents, but a new house can turn the worlds of kids and pets upside down.

With so much in their lives being brand new and constantly changing, young children need something familiar to anchor them. Pets can become so accustomed to their routines and surroundings to where any kind of change can be traumatic.

Parents who want their children and pets to have a smooth transition to their new home can utilize some strategies that might make the process easier. Even though you may not be able to completely eliminate the anxiety a move may cause, you can likely help them ease into the new situation and avoid more serious issues down the road.

For example, before the move, give your kids an opportunity to make some choices about the new house, such as the color of their bedrooms. During the move, you might want to pack your children’s favorite belongings in the same box so they can have access as soon as you get to your new home. As you get settled, it may help to arrange your children’s bedroom furniture as close to its original configuration as possible.

If your pets aren’t used to traveling and you’ll be making a long-distance move, you can try taking them on car trips — that gradually get longer — before the move. On moving day, consider having someone pet-sit while you’re taking things out of the house. When you get to your new place, try to keep things as familiar and routine as possible for your pet — such as putting food and water dishes in similar areas of the home, and keeping walks on a similar schedule.

The following guide provides some basic strategies to use before, during and after your move to help your kids and pets have as stress-free an experience as possible.

Author bio: Matt Adams is a Relocation Manager at University Moving and Storage Co. He began his career in the moving industry as a student working his way through school. Thirty-one years later, he’s been involved with a variety of moves ranging from a one-bedroom apartment to a hospital. Adams is committed to providing the right solution for families and corporations in order to meet their relocation needs. 

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