Growing Up and Capturing Every Moment of it


Growing Up and Capturing Every Moment of it


The cliché thing to say is that our little ones usually rush to grow up way too quickly. However, from the parent’s perspective, this might not be as much of a cliché as a rather sad reality, usually recognized only post factum. Inevitably the day arrives when you see your once crawling, defenseless little toddler becoming an independent, strong-willed and opinionated 5-year-old who does not need your helpful hand as much as he/she used to. Canvas printing experts from BestCanvas.Ca explore the best and most original ways to capture your kid’s development and how to have the numerous incarnations of your baby saved for the rest of your days! Also – featuring the best canvas prints Canada has to offer!

Surely, this might have been somewhat expected and obvious. In the age when almost every cell phone is able to provide you with legitimate digital video camera quality, our babies are photographed, filmed and displayed on our social media platforms more than ever before. However, a completely different game is the analogue film approach. Fancy a little retro flavour? The same one you experience when watching archives of your own first Christmas… or your parents’ first Christmas? Then pick up the LomoKino device and try your hand at directing your toddler’s first adventure in the living room! For only $73 you can have your own 35mm, nostalgia-infused motion picture flick that will feel so much more special.

Polaroid Collection

You might have noticed a slight vintage-oriented thing going on. However, this is not just about an empty aesthetic value. This is about tangibility. Sure, your smart device can probably hold hundreds if not thousands of photos featuring the progression of your baby and that’s not a bad thing in and of itself. However, a set of Polaroid cards that you can later exhibit on a string with pegs, possibly over your kid’s bed, is a totally real thing! These are actual pieces one can hold, keep in a neatly packed box, or create a collage of images for a single piece of canvas art! And, of course, you can also create an authentic picture book! Here it doesn’t matter if photos are a bit overexposed, smudgy or covered with light streaks. This will contribute to the general atmosphere! Don’t own the necessary equipment? You can either go with the super popular and convenient Polaroid Snap or download this wonderful free app called Vintage Camera!

Take a Photo Every Year and Curate an Exhibition

What better way to celebrate your offspring than by curating a unique exhibition, dedicated solely to the changes your kid has gone through over the years. Okay, this doesn’t mean organizing a legitimate museum event. However, you could mark your little one’s five-year anniversary with a set of five of the most meaningful and compelling canvas prints of photos taken throughout the first few amazing years of the little heart. Ordering prints from BestCanvas.Ca provides you with a linen canvas fabric, printed on with Vivera inks. To put it simply, this makes your photo resistant to the effects of UV light, effectively giving it a 75-year guarantee of preservation as you when first saw it. Five photos- taken in the same place over a period of five years. Get ready for a truly emotional impact!

Changing Faces


We already mentioned the smartphone’s capacity to store thousands of photos of your kid, cat, car and every other thing you can think of. However, attempting to create something genuinely interesting out of this bunch is a completely different story. Besides a classic slide show with a jolly tune in the background and another motion picture outlet, there’s pretty much nothing else that can be done. And yet, we’re all familiar with the famous and, to a certain degree, overused effect of face morphing- the mainstream’s favourite manipulation ever since Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” video graced MTV in the early 90’s. The good thing is that these days you don’t need a special effects team, a million dollar budget or even complex software to obtain the effect. Take a portrait photo of your little rug rat every morning for as long as you wish to eventually create some real magic with the FaceFilm app.

The Less Serious Approach

For those embracing a bit of a quirk and generally looking at these things with a touch of humour, a funny, thematic photo-shoot could be the right thing to do. Here the options are practically endless. Besides trying on a different, mini-sized superhero costume or, for that matter, mimicking any other miniature version of Hollywood’s most popular characters, your baby can also emulate the world’s most renowned paintings like the famous March of Progress image, though it might take some time to get your baby to recreate the same exact poses. The results would look marvelous as a series of small format canvases organised in a straight line on the wall, or as a single, large-scale panoramic photo. With some good editing skills, you could actually create it from a pre-existing material!

If there’s anything truly worth capturing with your camera, the growth of your kid is definitely one of the first things that comes to mind. As it happens way faster than most of us are able to comprehend, it is important to have something more than just vague memories in one’s mind. Besides, it’s simply a super exciting thing to do!

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