Children’s Medicines For Cough Relief


Children’s Medicines For Cough Relief


It looks like spring outside, however kids are still getting sick a lot during this time of the year. The temperature changes extremely from minus to +15C in one day here in Canada. Even adults cannot adjust to the changes quickly. Let alone kids who waited long time for lovely sunshine and want to play with friends and spend time outside. Often Teddy runs to a playground wearing only a jersey. He is welcoming sun, but in fact it is around 5-10C and sunshine is only the weather’s trick. I noticed that we, both adult and children, tend to get sick more often after long cold winter months. Even in summer there are still chances to catch cold and flu.

I had a chance to try Boiron products for adults before, I especially like anti- inflammatory ointments. They work very well for me and trying Stodal was a great way to deal with cough, cold and flu this year. Stodal, designed for kids ages 1 year to 11 years, is a homeopathic medicine used for cold symptoms such as nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, minor sore throat, dry cough and chest congestion. The selection of product to treat cold and flu is not very big for young kids.

Stodal comes in varieties with few flavors. Honey, vanilla & blackberry sugar-free are the ones we used. Teddy tried Stodal Multi-Symptom and actually likes the taste and I like how it works. During couple of months, we used Stodal to fight coughs mostly and it worked pretty well. Coughs were reduced and Teddy felt much better. But we did not notice any improvements in relieving nasal congestion and reducing runny nose.

My advice is to have Cold and Flu product always in your home. When a child suddenly gets sick, start coughing or not feeling well, parents don’t need to panic -just give it your child. Stodal comes with convenient measuring cup so you just need to get the right dosage based on age and body weight.

Warm weather is on the way and though we prone to get sick and catch flu or cold much less during summer months, having syrups at home or taking them with you when travelling is a good idea to give children fast relief. For more information about Boiron line of product for children please visit their web site and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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